Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down Sea World

Sea world is cruelity, captivity, and abuse. It is stolen freedom from animals, and orca prison. It is lies to the public, and the equivilant to living in the bathtub.
Don't buy a ticket. Don't attend this. Stand with me, and #emptythetanks (go to to see a protest near you :))
Here are the top tens, because there are thousands of reasons against it.

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21 They Constantly Lie About Animals

They lied that orcas were not captured and about the dorsal fins and black fish

22 It's Cruelty Disguising As "Entertainment "

Yeah, it's basically Cirque du Soleil Aquatic Edition. and they're mean to the animals and suck.

When I tried to invite my friend, Jana to my other friend's birthday party, she said she was going to... THE AQUATIC EQUIVALENT TO RINGLING BROS - SEAWORLD! 😡 I don't support SeaWorld, because supporting the abusement park only worsens the notorious cruelty. To me, orcas are to bathtubs as pigs are to gestation crates.

23 The Trainers are not Biologists

-When you apply for the job they don't have to have a degree in marine biology
-They don't know what hurts the animals they are working with
-They aren't taught about the habitat, natural behavior, or feeding habits of the animals

24 The Orcas Burn in the Sun
25 The People Stink There
26 They Downgraded Journey to Atlantis

Yeah, I rode this 10 times in my life, and when I last rode it, they took away the story and everything.

27 The Tanks are Dangerous for the Animals

The animals eat things of the tank that they shouldn't in attempts to break out.

The tanks are tiny. Imagine living in a cupboard your whole life

28 Orcas At SeaWorld Have Shorter Lifespans

In the wild, male Orcas have a lifespan of 30-70 years, and females have lifespans of 80-100 years. In captivity, all Orcas have a lifespan of about 13 years.

29 It's Nasty There
30 They Are Stubborn
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