Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

It would mean a lot to me and many other people if you could just search up Shut Down Yulin Dog Meat Festival petition or something and sign one or more of those you can find. They sit for us, can we stand up for them?

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1 They Torture Dogs In The Most Painful Ways So The Meat Will Be 'Better' V 2 Comments
2 The Dogs Are Kidnapped From Their Homes

Think about the dog. One time I lost my dog and so much happened that night that when a dog shelter had found her and when we got her back she was absolutely terrified from being separated from us. Whenever we went to the store without her she was crying and howling so much that one of us had to stay with her. Think about how all those dogs feel when they're separated from their family and going through all that torture all alone. It's like if someone kidnapped your child and tortured them. Wouldn't that be scary for both of you? - JelloLife

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3 The Dogs Are Held In Tiny Cages With Other Dogs V 1 Comment
4 Dogs Are Friends Not Food

No. All animals are meant to be eaten, unless you are the top of the food chain

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5 Sometimes They Boil The Dogs Alive

Everyone who works for this festival deserves to be skinned alive as I hope their family cries and cries while they get sent down to hell

They do that to chickens as well. Really, every animal killed for food has the same right to live as a dog. - keycha1n

6 They Say That When We Stop Eating Pigs And Cows Then They'll Stop Eating Dogs

Ok, so a lot of people say stuff like "WE DO THE EXACT SAME THING TO PIGS AND COWS AND NO ONE CARES! 1! 11"

Bruh. We don't kidnap cows or other farm animals from their owner who love them, we don't boil them or burn them alive and we don't treat them like complete crap. We've started caring about the farm animals over the years. There is of course cases like how a lot of chicken farms are way too small for many chickens. But we are fighting for them too. - JelloLife

7 They Burn Dogs Alive V 1 Comment
8 It's Terrible V 2 Comments
9 No Animal Should Suffer For Humans' Wishes V 1 Comment
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1. They Torture Dogs In The Most Painful Ways So The Meat Will Be 'Better'
2. The Dogs Are Kidnapped From Their Homes
3. The Dogs Are Held In Tiny Cages With Other Dogs



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