Top Ten Reasons Sibling Bullying is as Bad as Normal Bullying

Im not exactly bullied by people at my school but i experience sibling bullying and id like to talk about that.

The Top Ten

1 There's no escape

You can escape a school bully by changing schools or a neighborhood bully by moving, but a sibling stays with you until one of you leaves for collegge - AnonymousChick

2 Your parents do almost nothing about it

Your parents don't love the bully from across the street, but they love you sibling and find it hard to deal with them - AnonymousChick

Yet if I do anything to him they lose it - TwilightKitsune

Especially if the sibling is younger than you. - ItsPisces

3 They know more personal things about you
4 They have control over you

WHen the parents are gone (when bullying most happens) is when they leave the older sibling in charge. And then it goes down - AnonymousChick

Inverted with me, I'm older, but my parents favour my brother - TwilightKitsune

5 They always find a way to blame you
6 Nobody stands up for you

Yeah. This is why I wanna move out of my house - TwilightKitsune

They think it's a sibling joke or something - AnonymousChick

7 They are your siblings

We grew up in the same house and you find it ok to treat me like this - AnonymousChick

8 They know what gets to you

It takes some time with normal bullies, but sibling bullies know you too well and know what makes you upset - AnonymousChick

9 People underestimate it

'Oh yeah my sister called me names too when I was young'
Stop it, you never had a sister who hits you - AnonymousChick

Me: Uh, so, the other day, my brother threw all my stuff around my room and hit me with a computer wire-
My friend: Oh, how DELIGHTFUL! You two are getting along great!
Me: *resists the urge to throw all my friend's stuff around the room and hit them with a computer wire* - TwilightKitsune

10 They can make up believable lies

They know you, therefore making it easier to make a lie that your parents believe - AnonymousChick

My brother once a used me of looking at porn and sexual stuff. Keep in mind, my brother plays Heroes of Glory on Newgrounds. - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 It can cause suicide

But unlikely. I bully my broher, but I startwd bullying him when he hurt my dog on purpose. he picked her up by the back legs and did the wheelbarrow woh her until I sae and kicked him in the nuts - ihatetrump

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