Reasons Slayer is Not Overrated

Wow, that list I made was pretty terrible...Who didn’t occasionally make a bad list, though....?

I’ve changed my mind about them being overrated but I still prefer the other three in the big four.

The Top Ten

1 Past their thrash metal formula, they’re actually varied

So true! - awesomedp900

2 The quality of their output in the 80’s is amazing

With the exception of Reign In Blood, everything from Show No Mercy to Seasons In The Abyss is great.

3 Their instrumentation holds up very well

Yes, in fact they sound so much better than some bands today who "supposedly" have great instrumentation, - christangrant

4 Most everything after Diabolus In Musica has been good
5 Undisputed Attitude is actually a good album

Slayer and punk sound kickass!

6 Diabolus in Musica isn’t as bad as some people say it is

It’s pretty bad but not that bad.

7 South of Heaven and Hell Awaits are very good representations of hell UListen to Sample
8 Tom Araya is a great bassist Tom Araya is a great bassist Tomás Enrique "Tom" Araya Díaz is a Chilean American musician, best known as the bassist and vocalist of the American thrash metal band Slayer.
9 They make great cover albums
10 Dave Lombardo is a great drummer Dave Lombardo is a great drummer David "Dave" Lombardo is a Cuban American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of the American thrash metal band Slayer.

One of the best drummers ever in fact. - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Tom Araya is a Great Screamer and Vocalist
12 Jeff Hanneman is a great guitarist

He wrote some of the best riffs ever done. R.I.P. - christangrant

13 Paul Bostaph is a great drummer
14 Seasons in the Abyss is one of the best Thrash Metal albums.
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