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1 Their lack of variety

True, Slayer is the least varied out of the Big Four. They're really good, and they're a contender for my top three in Thrash, but the subgenre has normally been focused on raw power and mature lyrical messages. Although I will admit variety is a big factor in the quality of a band's discography. - CrimsonShark

The "variety" argument should be used more carefully in metal - thrash or death metal bands aren't supposed to release rap or pop albums just because some people don't like thrash or death metal, and need "variety". - Metal_Treasure

I know, but they could try to have some more variety whether people like it or not.

I do feel sorry for them a bit, because they do want to experiment but whenever they do, the fans don't like it. Could be a reason they've decided to call it a day. - IronSabbathPriest

A lot of their songs sound exactly the same with one or two exceptions. They’ve experimented twice total, once with Undisputed Attitude, a punk cover album, and with Diabolus In Musica, which is basically a nu metal album. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

2 They focus on heaviness rather than quality

I agree with a number of the other things here, but this really is the big thing that keeps me from enjoying Slayer as much as most other metal bands. Angel Of Death and Raining Blood are great songs, wonderful additions to the metal catalogue, even if they were very difficult for me to get through on my first listens. Everything in between those two songs on Reign In Blood is heavy as heck, sure, but rarely actually sounds like they're trying to write great songs as much as just playing fast and heavy and having fun. It's like a very economical jam session through most of that. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but when much of their most acclaimed work gives off this vibe, I find myself slogging through songs I have very little interest in just to hear the big metal hits on their albums. Sure, there is some subtly going on in tracks like Postmortem and Necrophobic, lyrical puns and interesting song structures and such, but these songs almost refuse to call attention to ...more

But in Slayer's case Heavier is quality because they play Thrash Metal and they do it very well and I'd take Slayer over underground Grindcore bands that sound like a band just making loads of Noise and being heavy for the sake of it (although that's kinda the point of Grindcore is to make noise not music) - christangrant

That’s why so much of their discography is mediocre or bad, because they focus on being heavy rather than making amazing music. Their 80’s stuff is amazing, and some of their recent albums are, but a lot of it isn’t good because of this. Megadeth focuses on quality and technicality, more so the first than the latter, but this reason alone makes them far better than Slayer, even though there’s a lot of things that make Megadeth better.

3 The vast majority of their material in the 1990’s was awful

To be honest, the 1990s horribly sucked for Thrash Metal. - CrimsonShark

The 90s were hard for all metal because record labels re-directed their resources to grunge. - Metal_Treasure

Dianus In Musica, Undisputed Attitude and Divine Intervention all suck. Seasons In The Abyss is the only good thing they put out in the 90’s.

In my opinion

Seasons in the Abyss:

One of the best Thrash Albums ever and my favorite Slayer album.

Divine Intervention: Underrated album sure the production wasn't great but it has some underrated riffs and songs on their, the intro to Killing Fields is technical and awesome.

Undisputed Attitude:

A great Punk covers album, but I liked DI more

Diablous in Musica:

this one I can see Slayer went with a slower Groove Metal sound which didn't work so well, but I'd take it anyway over Stomp 442 by Anthrax and Super Collider and Risk by Megadeth

(Also it's not Nu Metal because it has solos and Nu Metal doesn't) - christangrant

4 The drumming is generic

Dave Lombardo is technically great, but he simply doesn't make too many inventive drumbeats or grooves to the blisteringly fast guitar work. Listen to Holy Wars; Nick Menza's drumming isn't a simple snare and bass drum pounding to the crazy fast riffs. He grooves with the riffs and throws in amazing fills that sounds extremely inventive.

Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph are not generic at all, I have not heard any other Thrash drummer as good as Dave Lombardo, Nick Menza and Charlie Benante are good drummers too but not as good as Lomabrdo in my opinion, because Lombardo drums much faster and is the most skilled and Paul Bostaph can actually play Tech Thrash drumming (the intro to Killing Fields is pure Tech Thrash) - christangrant

This is one I disagree with it isn't special but I think he was one of the first drummers to do that. - Skullkid755

Sorry but their drumming was revolutionary in the early 80s and influenced other metal and punk subgenres... - Metal_Treasure

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5 Their production isn’t that good

I wouldn't count production against a bands earlier work because they probably didn't have as much resources and of course it's their first few albums but in Slayer's case I'd say the production works, because the production is raw and the music matches the rawness and it makes for pure nonstop headbanging. Now Divine Intervention well yes the production wasn't good on that album but that's because it was recorded in 3 different studios and each time they left a studio cause they ran out of time and were forced to go to another one they would have to redo the production, Tom and Kerry have said this in interviews they did with Loudwire. - christangrant

Divine Intervention was produced horribly, and so were their first two albums as well as their Live Undead and Haunting The Chapel EPs.

6 Their music is hard to take seriously

It's even harder to take seriously Anthrax... and Dave Mustaine's vocals... - Metal_Treasure

You are not supposed to take them seriously, as well as metal in general,
the reason people love Slayer is maybe they just want to have fun which Slayers music fits perfectly because it's highly energetic and makes want to Mosh (Slayer has insane Mosh pits) and most metal fans don't care for the lyrics and that's because 1. they know they aren't real, and 2. Metal is about the music not the lyrics - christangrant

€"step on a lego" scream? What kind of scream did you expect from a song about the Nazi physician Josef Mengele who did human experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp? I am sure most people prefer those sexy sounding screams of Robert Plant when he fakes orgasms but Slayer songs are about more serious things than sex.
The scream in Angel Of Death is actually great and fits the song - raw and long, it makes you feel the pain of millions who were in those Nazi camps. - Metal_Treasure

From the “step on a lego” scream in Angel Of Death to the overall ridiculous tone of some of their music, they’re just super hard to take seriously.

7 The other bands in the big four are all better

Anthrax and Megadeth aren't better than Slayer. Slayer even influenced death metal, while Anthrax influenced rap metal and nu metal... - Metal_Treasure

How are they disgraces to metal anyway. Linkin Park is nu-metal and they got people through hard times. Did Slayer do that? - Skullkid755

They all have more variety, all of them experiment more, and they all are better in almost every way.

Yeah, Anthrax and Megadeth are more varied - Megadeth even have disco and pop songs. Anthrax have rap and grunge songs. Enjoy! (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

8 You can barely hear the bass

While yes, you can barley hear the bass but the bass is usually the instrument that is turned down in the mix, and several metal bands have done this not just Slayer. - christangrant

Metallica did it with AJFA but that was one album and they kind of regret doing that. Slayer keeps the bass amp turned all the way down 100% of the time and don't care. - Skullkid755

The only time you can really hear it is om Reign In Blood, but Reign In Blood is a terrible album.

Yeah - EliHbk

Tom is a decent bassist, but you can never hear it. It’s always turned way down in the mix.

9 The lyrics aren’t that good

Metal isn't about the lyrics, it's about the music mainly, and I would rather have bad lyrics with good music than the other way around - christangrant

The lyrics from most of their songs is the same kind of demonic/brutal imagery. - kempokid

Agreed. Most of their lyrics don't have enough variety to be honest.

If you want variety in lyrics, go listen to Bob Dylan - he's got songs about all drug varieties! - Metal_Treasure

Unless they’re talking about the corruption of the government, or something like that, their lyrics are all just a bunch of stuff meant to shock or scare people.

10 Tom Araya’s vocals aren’t that good

Tom Araya vocals are great for thrash metal - this is exactly how thrash vox should sound. Thrash vox aren't supposed to be melodic. If you don't like aggressive, abrasive, screamed and powerful vocals, metal just isn't for you. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah. And like I said, Tom Araya isn't a professional screamer, he's just a screamer. Short term it's not that bad but over time doing that a lot would blow your voice out and you won't do it often for a long time after that. - Skullkid755

Tom Araya is a awesome singer because when he screams it sounds awesome, and works perfectly with what Slayer plays. I'd take him any day over Dave Mustaine who is a weak singer but excellent guitar player. - christangrant

From what I know he just screams and that's it. And somehow his vocal chords haven't been amputated. - Skullkid755

Not all screaming is screaming, there's proper metal screaming technique. It's basically clean vocals with some extra technique to get the distortion without your vocal chords being severed. - Skullkid755

They’re good, but they’re just screams. Rarely ever does he sing with clean vocals, but when he does it’s much better than his screams.

So Rob Halford's screams are just screams wow Judas Priest is so overrated. - KobraKid

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11 They don't believe in what they sing about

And worst of all, Tom Araya is Catholic! That insults my beliefs so much!

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