Reasons Slayer is The Best Thrash Metal Band in The Big Four

Slayer is the best band in the big four (or even all of thrash). Not Metallica because they suck nowadays, and Megadeth is great, but still.

The Top Ten

1 They never abandoned Thrash Metal

I don't mind if a thrash band released a latin pop album if their thrash work is the best - Alkadikce

2 They have their own style of Thrash
3 They never had any bad albums.
4 Their music is heavier and more brutal than any other Thrash metal band.

And does that make them better? If I record the washing machine's, coffee machine's and saw's sound at the same time, it will be pretty heavy and brutal, but will it be pleasant to listen to? - Alkadikce

5 Slayer Made the album "Reign In Blood", the best thrash metal album of all time

In my opinion it's Ride The Lightning. - Userguy44

In my opinion it's "...And Justice For All" - Brobusky

"Seasons in the Abyss" is better - DejanKalinic

6 Tom Araya was a very talented thrash singer and bassist

Bassist? You can't even hear his bass in Slayer and when you look up the isolated tracks, it sounds so bad it hurts. - Alkadikce

7 Dave Lombardo was the best Heavy Metal drummer of all time

Nope. Lars Ulrich (Yes I said it), Joey Jordison (Although he isn't technically heavy metal), Scott Travis, and Vinnie Paul are far superior

8 Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman played some of the best solos
9 Slayer wrote Angel of Death
10 Slayer wrote Seasons in the Abyss

The Contenders

11 Slayer wrote Raining Blood
12 Slayer's music is addicting
13 All their drummers were in Testament

And? Kirk Hammett was in Exodus, Kiko Loureiro was in Angra, does that count when deciding which one is the best? - Alkadikce

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