Reasons Slayer’s Reign in Blood Isn’t a Good Album

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1 The songs all sound exactly the same

Raining Blood is practically identical to Postmortem, Necrophobic is identical to pretty much every song on the album...It’s very repetitive and not one song sounds different from the rest.

2 The songs are way too short

Honestly not a good reason to say it sucks, everything else is good though I wouldn't say it sucks just that it isn't their best album - germshep24

People praise this album for being so short, but I don't see why people do it specifically this album when songs this short are usually heavily criticized for this exact point. Most of the songs on this album are extremely underdeveloped - kempokid

What I'm saying though is that despite the fact that it's 28 minutes of unadulterated aggression and chaos, many of these songs feel underdeveloped. The reason I said that I don't understand why this album is so praised is not an opinion as much as the fact that many songs the length of these ones would be heavily criticized for it if they were by a different band. - kempokid

Many songs by The Beatles are under 3 minutes, and even under 2, but here's the difference: if you play a short Beatles song at the Slayer tempo, you will get a 7 second long song. But if you play a short Slayer song at the Beatles tempo, you will get a 7 minute long song. Ha! - Metal_Treasure

How am I supposed to get into songs that are less than two minutes long? Everything feels forced and it’s way too short. I mean, the album is literally 29 long! I’ve heard songs longer than that, for God’s sake!

3 The majority of the album is filler

What makes you think that only 3 songs aren't filler? Because I don't think there are filler songs on this album. - Metal_Treasure

The only songs on here that aren’t filler are Angel Of Death, Raining Blood, and Criminally Insane. When only three songs aren’t filled, you know you’ve not got a good album.

4 The sound mixing is terrible

You can barely ever hear the bass, and the guitar is turned up way too high.

5 It’s a terrible follow up to Hell Awaits

Hell Awaits was an incredible album. And to follow it up we get this album that’s almost nothing but filler?

6 Everything is way too forced

Most of the songs are way too focused on being heavy than being good (Ex: Piece By Piece, Reborn, Epidemic.).

7 The album in general is just very generic

It’s all just a bunch of generic thrash metal. It’s not original in any way, it’s just a watered down version of Hell Awaits.

8 It’s a very boring album

There’s two highlights and that’s it. Literally 9 minutes of the 29 of this album are worth listening to. The other 20 minutes are just a bunch of filler.

9 It’s called Slayer’s best when it isn’t

There are NO filler songs on this album. - Metal_Treasure

How can a 29 minute album with very little songs that aren’t filler be their best album? I don’t understand at all.

Yeah but the Beatles also actually suck. Unlike slayer who is just incompetent in some areas.

10 The lyrics are mostly terrible

The only song on this album with meaningful lyrics is Angel Of Death, which is about the atrocities committed by Josef Mengele, a Nazi in WWII. Otherwise, it’s judt a bunch of brutal, mediocre, generic lyrics.

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11 It's overrated and uninteresting

The first five Slayer albums are considered perfect by most. Not me. Show No Mercy, South of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, and Hell Awaits are much more diverse, interesting, and each one sounded unique compared to Reign In Blood, which is two good songs and a bunch of mediocre micro-songs that do little to stand out from one another.

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