Top Ten Reasons Social Justice Warriors are the Worst

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1 They are offended by everything

Because, like, it's COOL to, like, be like, offended by like everything. It's like you're part of like a big family and it's like it's us against them. If you're not, like, sure you should be, like offended by something, go with, like, being offended. It's like always safer.

That's what I never understood about them. Being offended isn't cool at all. At least show some respect for yourself.

Some fat feminist sjw in a YouTube video somewhere: "I get dressed in the morning, triggered. I take a shower, triggered. I get in the car, I'm triggered. I go for a walk, I'm triggered. I leave my house, I'm triggered. I sit in my house all day, I'm triggered..."

I'm not one of those people who think SJWs are the only reason for Trump being president now, but people are now becoming way more conservative because of them, and white suprmists groups are growing in populatlarty in the US right now.

2 They're trying to re-write history

Good lord, are they really trying to do that? o.o - Gehenna

3 They blame straight, white men for everything

I hate this - BorisRule


Well, hallelujah! Thank you for this list. Might just be the best (almost) Christmas present this year. Soldier on.

4 They are interfering with entertainment to push their agenda

I agree 100% and it's sickening!

5 They like to make up random terms to fit their agenda

Don't be a galaxyist! - Skullkid755

6 They can't accept other opinions

Damn right they don't. And they act like their opinions are the only ones that matter.

They are bigots and fascists, yet they say those things about my president! (Donald Trump)

Thank you for this list

7 They distort the facts

They are probably triggered by facts - DarkBoi-X

Most of the time, they have NO clue what the facts ARE. Anyone who relies on Wikipedia, the mainstream media, or public educators for their information is doomed to arrogant, self-assured ignorance. You see a lot of it on this site.

8 They call everyone they hate "Nazis"

Kinda like they are?

If they call anyone they don't like Nazis, then they're more worthy of that comparison. - allamassal

9 Their theory of "white privilege"

You cannot ignore the idea that a person of European Descent has it easier in many aspects. People use these anecdotal arguments such as, "I'm white and I have had a problem in my life therefore white privilege doesn't exist" Gimme a break - Jint

When they're probably sitting on their butts, living off welfare. Who's really privileged, huh?

10 They do not know how to take a joke

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11 They block all people they disagree with (even if they don't even know them)
12 They think everything is racist
13 They like Steven Universe

Nothing wrong with liking Steven Universe. I'm a conservative and I don't necessarily like Steven Universe, but I don't see anything wrong with it at all.

Who cares if they like Steven Universe? Them saying "black people can't be racist" is more of an illogical thing than these SJW's liking an innocent cartoon.

14 They are hypocrites
15 They get offended by everything

They drove a tumblr artist to suicide because she drew Rose Quartz skinny. (She attempted it but failed, I feel sorry for her) - TwilightKitsune

16 They don't understand the difference between fiction and reality

Abraham Lincoln was actually a robot zombie from the fifth dimension in the Orange Galaxy. - Skullkid755

17 They hate straight, white males

I kind of doubt that this list is going to get approved but I agree with most of the items in this list. - StephanTheIdiot

18 They make up fake genders to seem transgender and are unaware of the struggles of actual transgenders

They aren't male or female they are zmale!
They aren't a boy or a girl they are a zamwhich!
There should be bathrooms for the quadsexual community. - Skullkid755

19 They hate free speech and always call statements they disagree with "hate speech"
20 They try to censor media

It is fine to offended but please don't drag us along with you. If you think that Grand Theft Auto V encourages female violence, go ahead but don't drag me along by calling me sexist - YourWaifuSucks

21 They put illegal immigrants before American citizens

Key word: Illegal Immigrants. Keep that in mind. Nothing to do with race.

22 They complain that everything is racist but are themselves

Racism means Every Race. Everyone can be Racist.

23 The barely ever use evidence
24 They don't use facts, and only use opinions
25 They created the MeToo Movement
26 They ruined Senran Kagura
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