Reasons Some People Don't Attend Their High School Reunions

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1 They hated high school

Biggest reason why I won't go to a high school reunion.

The 4 years of high school were some people’s worst years. - 3DG20

2 It brings back bad or embarrassing memories

I puked on the bus when I was 18 in front of a bunch of special ed kids. :(. If we all saw each other at a reunion, hopefully they won't refer to me as "Ms pukey lady" or something...

A lot of people’s worst or most embarrassing memories are at school, including mine, and some people don’t want to be reminded about those memories. - 3DG20

3 They hated their classmates

This is the number 1 reason I don’t plan on ever attending a high school reunion. Why would I want to reunite with people I couldn’t stand back then? - 3DG20

4 They’re unable to go

My reason: ridiculously overprotective mom says no

It’s pretty common that someone won’t be able to go to their high school reunion, whether it’d be a trip or an injury. - 3DG20

5 Some people don’t have old high school friends

I know I won’t be one of the people that did... - 3DG20

6 Their friends won’t be there

What’s the point in attending a school reunion if the people you were actually friends with aren’t going to be there? - 3DG20

7 Someone who bullied them will be there

Understandable, but if you are still worried what someone from high school says to you, you need to grow up. who cares what happened in the past, act like an adult - RustyNail

Although I do believe that anyone can change, most bullies don’t end up changing. - 3DG20

8 They don’t want to keep pictures they’re clearly miserable in

Why would I want to keep pictures where I’m clearly only trying to put on a smile for the camera despite being jammed in a space with people I hated, some for as long as years? - 3DG20

9 There are better ways to celebrate your 10th year since graduating

Considering even staring at a wall would be more fun than going to a stupid reunion. - 3DG20

10 They died

It’s kind of hard for a dead person to go to a reunion, or really anywhere... - 3DG20

A challenge if ever I’ve seen one

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11 Their ex boyfriend/girlfriend will be there, possibly with a new love/spouse
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