Top 10 Reasons Someone May Hate a Particular Character

There's always that one character in a show, book, etc. that people hate. There's many reasons why that character is hated.

The Top Ten

1 They're Overrated

I blame the anime haters for hating anime characters because they think they're overrated.

I've noticed that there's lots of people who hate overrated characters. - Luxam

1 word: Goku - WarioAndWaluigi

2 They're Annoying

Why I hate Chris Thorndyke.


3 They Heavily Rely on Toilet Humour

Anyone//anything with lots of toilet humour is a bad thing. Which mature person likes that kind of humour anyway? - Luxam

4 They're Stupid

Most Stupid characters are good though. I mean take a look at
Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
Patrick (Spongebob)
Caboose (Red vs. Blue) - WarioAndWaluigi

5 They Did Something That You Hated

A character's actions can change the way you think about them. - Luxam

This is the reason why I hate most characters. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 They Ruin The Show/Book/Movie For You
7 They Emotionally Messed You Up

It seems that anyone who's mentally attached to a show or a character can have this happen to them. - Luxam

8 They Were Changed In A Bad Way

The creator of a character may change the personality of a character in a way that you don't like. - Luxam

9 Their Design


10 They're Useless To The Plot

The Contenders

11 They Have Been Ruined by a Fanbase Who Draw Nothing But Hentai
12 They Get In the Way of Your "One True Pairing"

Sadly, this is very common in the Sonic fandom. Cosmo from Sonic X and even Zooey from Sonic Boom are hated because people want Tails to be paired up with Cream when the truth is that Tails and Cream never shown any romantic interest in each other in any of the games or shows.

This is also common in the god-awful mess known as the Kingdom Hearts fandom. The female characters are all hated by the fans because they think that they get in the way of their precious yaoi couples. (i.e. Xion and Namine are bashed because they want Roxas and Axel to be a couple)

Petra anyone?

13 They are Similar to a Character You Don't Like
14 They're Arrogant
15 They Give Their Species a Bad Reputation

This is true about the hyenas in The Lion King. Disney got sued by a biologist because of portraying the whole species as henchmen to the movie's main villain (Scar), and suggested to hyena conservationists that they should boycott the movie. I just think that the role of evil, comic relief lackeys is not right for the hyena. In reality, hyenas are very intelligent and helpful to the environment, and are nothing like the bad guys in the movie.

16 They Hate a Character Just Because Some Popular Opinion Tells Them To.

This is why so many characters such as Slippy (Star Fox) and Tingle (Zelda) get so much unnecessary hate compared to most other fictional characters. What did they do to deserve this? It's better to just form your own personal opinions and not be influenced by all the tropes and memes you see all the time.

17 They are Controversial
18 They're Gay or Bisexual
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