Reasons Sonic Boom is Better Than Teen Titans Go


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1 Sonic Boom writers actually put EFFORT in writing the episodes

I totally agree! And now the show is getting even BETTER! Way more better than Teen Titans Go.

Sonic boom is actually a good show. The writers try to make it good for us. Only the games are bad. But TTG writers, on the other hand, think we are stupid and will eat up anything they throw at us. - TwilightKitsune

I know. Sonic Boom has improved A LOT, especially season 2.

Both shows are crap in my opinion but teen titans go gets 2.3/10 while sonic boom gets a 3.8/10 - VideoGamefan5

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2 Sonic Boom characters are better role models than TTG characters

Sonic wanted to keep Tails from getting hurt and to keep him safe from harm. Robin treats evryone around him like slaves. - TwilightKitsune

3 Sonic Boom is actually FUNNY

I remember in one episode the mentioned that Sticks chased the mailman it was hilarious.

Teen Titans Go has lame humour, its not even funny. - TwilightKitsune

TTG is not funny, the only funny thing in TTG was when lebron james came in one episode, which I don't even think its funny anymore. This is basically TTG: One character says"Hey, I found an orange! " Then another character says" Lets have an orange party"! Then they began to make messes with food like oranges and go crazy in their so called party. Perfect description of TTG.

4 Sonic Boom teaches you lessons

In one episode, Amy sells all of Sticks' stuff, but in the end she learns her lesson. Teen Titans Go however gives the wrong idea to kids. It says its ok to steal stuff and be sexist. - TwilightKitsune

What should I say?

5 The creators of Sonic Boom actually listens to criticism
6 Teen Titans Go is sexist

Robin thinks girls can't play dodgeball, and he deliberately left Starfire and Raven out. It was mean. - TwilightKitsune

7 Teen Titans go can misguide younger kids

How is it okay to vandalize property, steal things, attack others, slap Starfire for no reason and beat up people with staffs? What are you? - TwilightKitsune

8 Robin only cares about himself

The Sonic Boom characters care for each other, even Dr. Eggman - TwilightKitsune

9 Sonic Boom has better looking characters


10 Teen Titans Go is offensive to bronies and pegasisters

Teen Titans Go is an insult and a shame to DC, Cartoon Network and the history of animation. I'm not saying you should like SB, but it's a good show that's all. - TwilightKitsune

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11 Everyone attacks Starfire for no reason

They always make fun of her! Please, stop being so mean to her. I don't like her that much, my favorite is Raven, but you are so mean to her. - TwilightKitsune

Sonic would never attack Amy!

12 The Teen Titans Go characters are racist
13 Sonic and his team could beat the Teen Titans in a fight

My Favorite Part Is Knuckles Punching Cyborg And Beast Boy!

14 All of the titans would lose to Shadow

That is so true.

15 The Titans are ugly fat babies.

I love it if there was an episode about it

16 Knuckles is stronger than Cyborg and Beast Boy
17 There are no fart or butt jokes on Sonic Boom.
18 Teen Titans Go is unoroginal

Nevermind speaking with the creator, I'd punch him instead.

Rips off Dragon Ball Z, My Little Pony and so much more. I want to speak with the idiot who came up with this. - TwilightKitsune

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19 Robin is a control freak

At least Sonic is not a control freak. He is really kind and generous, and lets others have a share in the spotlight too. - TwilightKitsune

20 Sonic Boom characters are not annoying

Well Sticks is a badger and badgers are sometimes insane.

Except possibly Sticks, but Sticks is adorkable. Not the Titans though. - TwilightKitsune

21 Teen Titans Go teaches kids that they can do whatever they want
22 The villains are actually villains

So true. The villains actually want to take over the world and stuff. And Teen Toddlers No! villains are just idiots who don't even try to take over anything.

The Sonic Boom villains: WE IS GONNA KILL U
Teen Toddlers No! villains: derp the herp we is idiotz

23 Sticks is a better pet to have than Silkie

I would keep her.

24 There are no belly contests or killing squirrels in Sonic Boom
25 Sonic and his team aren't bullies
26 Sonic's friends listen to him! And the titans don't listen to robin!
27 All of the titans would lose to Eggman and he wouldn't even have to do anything but stand there
28 Sonic would easily beat Robin in a fight
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