Reasons Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Than Rainbow Dash

The Top Ten Reasons Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Than Rainbow Dash

1 Rainbow Dash fans are worse than Sonic fans

Sonic: heya Dashie rainbow dash: name is rainbow dash. And what do u want from me slow poke hog

And.. sonic wins the battle! Rainbow x spitfire: shoot! Sonic: training is better then practicing.
Sorry dash and spitfire.need more practice? Just try more. *highfives sonic*

Sonic fans are actually more mature than Dash fans. I know they can be unreasonable, but Rainbow Dash fans are cyberbullies and trolls and Sonic fans are more mature in front of them. - TwilightKitsune

It seems Sonic the Hedgehog gets compared with something stupid every week. - Puga

2 Sonic is a better friend

Sonic is always there for them when they need him even Dr. Eggman. He saved Tails from being bullied (Rainbow Dash is a stupid, shallow character who just rips off Sonic and Buttercup) and helped Shadow and Silver many times. - TwilightKitsune

3 Rainbow Dash's character is a ripoff of Sonic and Buttercup

Buttercup is way awesome than her. Buttercup may be cold, but she loves her sisters and cares deeply about them in her heart. Dash just uses them for money and fame. And the whole speed thing is ripoffed from Sonic. - TwilightKitsune

4 Sonic is not a bully

Rather it is Amy Rose who is the bully, she calls Sticks 'hopeless and pathetic' and looks for very oppurtunity to Bully Tails. Sonic is different, he looks out for his friends, in the first Sonic game Eggman turns his friends to robots and Sonic saves them. - TwilightKitsune

I wish nobody were bashed for preferring Tails over Modern Amy Rose, the most overrated SEGA character of all time (because she accused other for doing what she forces him/her to do).

Umm, go for an in depth Tour on Sonic the Comic and you'll know Sonic's stubborn personality

5 Rainbow Dash can't fight, Sonic can

Deadly? Then why were the ponies that were watching her from close not killed. So its not deadly.

Twilight can use magic, Applejack can applebuck, Rarity kicks, Pinkie Pie uses cannons, Fluttershy has the stare, BUT RAINBOW DASH DOESN'T HAVE JACK. At least Sonic can fight. - TwilightKitsune

6 Rainbow Dash fans are stupid

I just hate rainbow dash! It should be moron dum slow noob! You guys who like rainbow dash get to die! Sonic does not seam careful and sweet but he is! And rainbow. She’s a b�"-! Buttercup and sonic we are out!

7 Rainbow Dash made Fluttershy cry, Sonic stops Tails from crying

In Sonic, Tails was weak and bullied by everyone around him. It was mainly because of his split Tails. But when he met Sonic, Sonic defended him, and when Sonic himself was in Peril, Tails saved him. - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash saved Scootaloo and comforted her when she cried. So you're wrong again. And she never intended to make Fluttershy cry.

Oh and she defended Fluttershy when she was being bullied. So you obviously don't know Rainbow Dash at all.

8 Sonic's games have better music

I think hoever wrote this is right

100% True! Case closed!

Sonic music the best because it is jazzy and rock and roll but rainbow dash her music is not that good

9 Rainbow Dash is overrated, Sonic is underrated

Most overrated pony ever. Ask anyone who their favourite pony is, they'll most likely say Dash. Yet Sonic is hated. I know about Sonic Boom and all, but SEGA apolagised and Sonic runners brought him back again. Just saying my opinion. - TwilightKitsune

10 Sonic is a good role model Rainbow Dash is a bad role model

All she cares is about herself, getting what she wants, and winning! She won't care if Fluttershy gets bullied in Hurricane Fluttershy and she is NOT LOYAL AT ALL. At least Sonic tries to give better messages to children. - TwilightKitsune

I Agree
Rainbow Dash Is Not That Good Of A Role Model For Young Girls

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11 Rainbow Dash complains if she doesn't win

Lol Mario does the exact same thing. - Kerbiman123

When Applejack beat her fair and square, she just threw a tantrum and would'nt shut up. At least Sonic can accept defeat, he has lost to Jet, Eggman and Shadow and is mature about it. - TwilightKitsune

Sonic is a good sport. Rainbow dash is a bad sport.

Dash won. Get over it.

12 Sonic is brave

Stop boring dash

13 Sonic is more legendary
14 Sonic is more loyal than Rainbow Dash

If Rainbow Dash is loyal, then why did she cheat in the race with Applejack, ditch Pinkie Pie for Gilda, give up Fluttershy for a book and only want to be with Twilight Sparkle because of her ticket to the grand galloping gala? In Sonic colours, Sonic stays back for Yacker and the wisps. Think about it. - TwilightKitsune

Needs to be higher

15 Rainbow Dash fans are annoying


I Agree Too

16 Sonic has a better character design
17 Sonic cares about people, Rainbow Dash only cares about winning and fame
18 Sonic can accept defeat but Rainbow Dash gets upset if she loses
19 Sonic can go super
20 Sonic is stronger
21 Sonic having cool games

Are you serious why all mlp games suck of course there having boring challenge,look like sonic games,faster than rainbow dash,he's already meet him self in sonic generations,and sonic save amy in sonic cd,and there more fun challenge

22 Rainbow Dash wanted to trade Fluttershy for a book, something Sonic wouldn't do
23 Sonic is modest, Rainbow Dash is an obnoxious try-hard
24 Sonic is much faster
25 Sonic is more athletic
26 Sonic is way cooler
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