Top 10 Reasons South Park Should Be Banned

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1 They insulted honey boo boo

This was funny actually, it shows what kind of bad stuff her mom feeds her, lol!

What, it was funny

This list is hillarious! 10/10 - CaptainMowzker

See, this list just proves how the user can’t take a satirical joke. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 They hate honey boo boo

They make fun of people, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, some random guy who make a cringy hate video on them etc. That doesn't mean they hate the people that they make fun of, they just make jokes because that's their job

3 They fat shame people when one of the main characters is fat

Honey boo boo's mom is also fat. - Not_A_Weeaboo

4 It's offensive

I suppose dark comedy is offensive.

It is ment to be offensive

5 It's not funny
6 It's not realistic

The amazing gumball is not realistic, Steven Univerese is not realistic,
Teen titans go is not realistic
Spongebob is not realistic

This reasons also invalid because most cartoons are not realistic and this says cartoons should be banned

7 It has bad words
8 The characters have stupid names

I guess Eric, Kyle, and Stan are abnormal names. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Eric Cartman is a much better than honey boo boo.Honey boo boo? What a stupid name.-DarkBoi-X

9 It has a bad intro
10 The child characters are voiced by adults

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11 It's Annoying
12 It is unoriginal
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