Reasons Spitfire is Better Than Rainbow Dash

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Soarin actually has a crush on Spitfire

Was this ever proved in an episode? Or was it made up by fans? - nintendofan126

I have no idea about why people ship it so badly. SoarinDash sucks. They barely even know each other, I mean Soarin and Spitfire know each other very well and Dash? Nah. SoarinDash SUCKS!

Sorry guys, I read this on the MLP wikia and believed it to be true. A fan must have edited the wiki to make it say that. - TwilightKitsune

Indeed she does. I find Spitfire's and Soarin's relationship to be more standing than Soarindash - Neonco31

Spitfire is nicer

I agree buttercup is cute, I wish she can beat up rainbow dash. Rainbow dash only saves her friends so she can get fame, she doesn't really care about them. Yet buttercup actually cares for her sisters and saved them because she loves them even though she sometimes bullies them and fights with them, plus she helps her sisters fight and would not trade anything for her sisters. On the other hand rainbow dash is mean to her friends, doesn't really hang out with her friends, she doesn't really help them, the only thing she cares about is getting fame and winning and she is a selfish spoiled brat. Even buttercup is more loyal than rainbow dash. Do you agree Twilight Kitsune?

I know right? Rainbow dash is the reason I hate mlp, the rest of the characters are okay, I kinda like spitfire she is better than rainbow dash. She was pretty likable and a great leader. You really understand twilight kitsune, I feel the same way about rainbow dash. Finally found someone who thought that jerk is terrible and thinks about her the same way I do. Maybe we should be friends.

Thank you, bro! I want you to be my friend too and I love you <3. You understand me too! Rainbow Dash is annoying and thinks she is cool but you are actually cool. <3. - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash only does her duty for selfish motives (at least in the earlier seasons) but Spitfire? She never does that. Her hot-headed attitude is normal because she's training her cadets very hard so they can join the Wonderbolts. - Neonco31

Yeah she is. If she replaces Rainbow Dash as the main character, I would be proud and I can know more about her. - Chromium

Spitfire is a wonderbolt

I hate Rainbow Dash, if she is a wonderbolt captain she will literally ruin them forever - TwilightKitsune

Hey, you fans, leave TwilightKitsune alone and respect her opinion! - Chromium

RD is also a Wonderbolt but I feel that if she ever was captain, she would definitely ruin the team because she has no leadership skills while Spitfire has them. - Neonco31

Spitfire does not mock her friends

Yep. Rainbow called Twilight an egghead (which colloquially means smart) but Spitfire doesn't call her teammates like that. - Neonco31

Oh please your such a pansy. Dash is just joking. Grow a backbone.

I agree - bobbythebrony

Spitfire has a better cutie mark

The best cutie marks belong to Rarity and Nightmare Luna. - TwilightKitsune

What a fashionable egghead thing to say...

Spitfire is loyal

She literally ditched soaring when he was injured and tried to replace him with Dash.

But Dash loyally told her no and stuck with her friends.

Seriously, do you actually pay any attention at all TK? Or do you really just not understand how loyalty works. This is your worst list by far, and that's saying something.

More loyal than Rainbow Dash as I concur. - Neonco31

She is the true element of loyalty! - TwilightKitsune

In the first episode of nightmare moon she was being controlled.

Rainbow Dash is stupid and overrated

I cannot believe that everyone likes it when Dash is mean to anyone and there is so much hate on Fluttershy because of her. - TwilightKitsune

Dash is. It mean, she has tough love, which you would know, if you Twiligt fans got your faces out of books and Harry Potter, and grew a spine! Rather than reading about them!

Spitfire is a good leader

I like RD but we all know who's a better leader. - RoseWeasley

Well, better than Rainbow Dash anyway... - TwilightKitsune

She looks after her team while RD looks only after herself - Neonco31

I'm RD fan but can't disagree wit this.

Spitfire has a better design

Yep. She is an original character unlike Rainbow Dash - Neonco31

Rainbow Dash throws tantrums

She does when she complains about how she is the best, spitfire is mature and doesn't throw tantrums about how she is the best.

She is even more immature than Fluttershy - TwilightKitsune

You think Fluttershy is immature? You just called the sweetest most innocent pony on MLP immature. Leave her alone!

She is like calliou a spoiled brat who gets whatever they want and throws tantrums when they don't get what they want.

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Spitfire is more mature

RD is a jerk - Chromium

Spitfire has a better voice and voice actor

She can easily intimidate anypony with her voice but Rainbow Dash probably can't - Neonco31

Spitfire is not rude


Yes. So true!

She is not annoying, unlike Rainbow Dash

You fans have to realize that obsessing over Rainbow Dash is not good. I respect you Dash fans but you must respect our opinions as well! - Chromium

Rainbow Dash is annoying I wish she can stop talking, she annoys me.

Well no Rainbow dash fans care about your opinion, so...

Spitfire is less arrogant

Despite Rainbow Dash being my favorite MLP character (Spitfire is another one of my favorites), she is SO arrogant and always prides herself in her abilities. In the episode Wonderbolts Academy before Rainbow Dash gets her letter of acceptance, she says that she thinks she is the best flier in all of Equestria after Applejack says she is the best flier in Ponyville. So arrogant Rainbow Dash. Spitfire is at least not arrogant at all. - PhoenixAura81

Spitfire has a hotter mom than Rainbow Dash

Stormy Flare is way hotter than Windy Whistles.

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