Top 10 Reasons Splatoon is Better Than Call of Duty

The Top Ten Reasons Splatoon is Better Than Call of Duty

1 The online matches are more balanced

Not really. 2 rollers and 2 inkbrushes vs 2 chargers and 2 blasters isn't very fair. - mattstat716

2 The community is less toxic

... You've never seen me play as a Roller against any Charger, have you? Or when I had to carry my team MULTIPLE TIMES? - mattstat716

I think this makes a game

3 The physics make more sense

Such as in Call of Duty, 20 shots to the head wouldn't kill you, but a knife to the foot would. - thunderstar1124

... I don't care about physics in either; I care about the balance. - mattstat716

4 There is more variety with the weapons and clothing

This is an actually good reason. The guns all look the same in Call of Duty, but you can tell if someone has the shotgun-like Splat Brella or the popping Blaster in Splatoon. - mattstat716

5 It's more colorful

Call of Duty is pretty bland and colorless, not gonna lie. Splatoon is better in that regard. - mattstat716

6 The controls are easier to get used to

...except 90% of the community hates me for doing good with Analog... - mattstat716

7 If you're doing bad, it's because you're actually bad

Wrong. I have PROOF this is wrong. If I'm dominating the enemy team in turf wars and preventing them from painting in a 1v2, yet I lose because I don't have enough time to paint inbetween, this means that I wasn't doing bad. - mattstat716

8 Salmon Run is more fun than zombies

It's not just the basic Salmon that are better. It's the boss Salmonoid and how each one has certain weaknesses that the team have to exploit. Also Zombies is so cliche and have been done a million times outside of Call of Duty as well as in Call of Duty, Salmonoid are unqiue, well designed and even harder to fight. Call of Duty is overrated and so are Zombies.

9 It's not as enraging

Look, I love Splatoon but let's not kid ourselves. I get VERY salty playing this game. - TheYoshiOverlord

10 Splatoon is less violent

The Contenders

11 You don't have to deal with dying the second you spawn

... YES. YOU DO. - mattstat716

12 Splatoon has Free DLC

No it doesn't

13 There aren't any overpowered weapons

LMAO no. Vanilla Splattershot, Splatoon 2. enough said. - TheYoshiOverlord

Let’s not forget the great octoweapons. Especially the damn Octobot king.

14 Splatoon is simply more fun
15 Splatoon has better single player focus

The problem I have with a lot of multilayer games (ESPECIALLY online exclusive multilayer) is they're only as popular as their lifespan. Then when the next big online multilayer craze comes along everyone gravitates towards that and the older games often become obsolete. Only the true classics survive.
Single player options are just as important for keeping the game going longer and if you don't have an Internet connection. - SuperSonic17

16 Splatoon isn't infested with hackers
17 More original
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