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Spongebob is for all ages

SpongeBob isn't for all ages. You should be, like, 10. They make all these jokes and some are both very inappropriate and obvious. Like the genius joke from Texas!

Can you butthurt people stop with the "get your facts straight! " Get your OPINION straight.

Which is why it's worse. I like family guy a lot more...

And that's what makes family guy funnier

Patrick is Funnier Than Stewie

I agree that SpongeBob is better than Family Guy, but Stewie is funnier than Patrick

I love Patrick but Stewie is a much more funny character

Having a dumb starfish who is the most lovable

Phhh that resons sucks a talking baby that knows everything you can not get better

More Lovable Characters

Because their more famous...

Again,that's what makes family guy funnier

Better Seasons

SpongeBob only had 4 good seasons,family guy has like 10 good seasons

Family guy has 9 hilarious seasons,and people say SpongeBob is dropping,not because of Patrick,but because of SpongeBobs personality and the odds in the krusty Krab

Family Guy Is Overrated

Actually it used to be but now it's Overhated just like with SpongeBob

Only people who really thinks its racist or sexist hate it

*spits soda out*

So is Spongebob!

Family Guy Doesn't Have A Movie

I think Seth said he was making a movie, but who knows

I like sponge is out of water the movie,but one single episode of family guy is funnier than both movies combined

More Fans

More fans is always a plus, it can get hot in the summer

That pretty much depends on age group

Family guy has been out for 15 Years as well u retard not 2 years tf

Squidward Himself
No swearing

There are two things you should know. One, it's aimed towards children, so of course there isn't going to be swearing. Two, there was an episode called Sailor Mouth that involved swearing, but with sea-themed censorship. This isn't really a good reason for comparing SpongeBob SquarePants with Family Guy.

It is a kid's show! So do not be suprised if there is no swearing

Deal with it if they sware

This isn't a reason

Family Guy Has Worse Episodes

What episode is worse:

House Fancy or Peter Problems(both have one gory scene that ruins the otherwise dull episodes they are in)?

Squid Baby or Brian Griffin's House of Pain (Both have head trauma and uncomfortable situations played for laughs, with the victim unable to speak to the other characters about their pain)?

Friends Without Benefits or Little Yellow Book(Both involve making the sympathetic character that everyone in their show hates unlikable)?

The Splinter or Herpe the Love Sore? (Both are gross out episodes revolving around a character suffering from an infection played for laughs)?

As bad as the SpongeBob episodes mentioned above are, their Family Guy conterparts are MUCH worse.

Well SpongeBob episodes are boring and family guy is hilarious

I'd rather see "Different Way" than "Seahorse Seashell Party".

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Family Guy Is More Disgusting

Modern SpongeBob is more disgusting, with tons of gross close ups of rotten food, creepy, nightmarish, and gross faces, body horror, and all this other gross crap. They also imply gross things, such as when Mr. Krabs said in "Frozen Face Off" that he was eaten by a Yeti, and waited for it to take "nature's course" which obviously means Krabs was crapped out (HE STILL DESERVED IT! )

Grossout = immature humor that is not even funny.

That's what makes it funny. At least lMAO.

Family Guy Was Canceled

It Was Canceled, But Then They Brought It Back. And When They Did The Whole Show Started To Go Downhill, The Same Thing Also Happened To SpongeBob SquarePants, So I Don't Know If It's Wise To Say That SpongeBob Is Better Than Family Guy When They Both Got Cancelled And Brought Back From The Dead.

Family Guy Has More Annoying Characters

Who has a more annoying laugh, Peter or SB?

SpongeBob doesn't try to be funny with racism

That's because the show is for kids, you can't just say SpongeBob is better for this reason, because if SpongeBob used racism openly and clearly throughout the show, Hillenburg would be fired, guys, Family guy tries to be racist because its clearly aimed for adults, do I like SpongeBob? Yes, do I like Family Guy? Yes, which one is better? I have no answer because you can't compare the two, ones for kids and the other is for adults, when you mentioned "SpongeBob is more clean." This however is invalid because Family guy tries to be funny by being dirty, why? Because that's McFarlanes job to do that, he wants to make adults laugh, Hillenburg wants to make kids laugh, if both of them were to look at this list, they'd be like "What? " because you can't compare SpongeBob to family guy, two way different categories of comedy, so you can't say somethings better because you don't like it that way, and family guy is successful in what you think is wrong, and when you said that Stephen ...more

I see the points here, but racism isn't funny at all. People suffered from the way others treated them. Making jokes about that AIN'T FUNNY!

So what family guy is the best show ever and is way better then SpongeBob

So? SpongeBob tries to be funny with suicide.

Stephen Hillenburg got upset about the bad episodes on later seasons of SpongeBob and chose to return to SpongeBob to return it to its former glory. Seth MacFarlane keeps Family Guy running and doesn't seem to care that the show is producing bad episodes
The Meg abuse is worse than the Squidward torture

It is certainly. Also, Meg is far more sympathetic than Squidward.

Spongebob Is The New Rocko's Modern Life

Your metaphors aren't working

Ok its Ren and Stimpy.

SpongeBob doesn't get preachy with its beliefs

In Just One Bite, SpongeBob tried to force Squidward to eat a Krabby patty, but then decided to respect Squidward's opinion on the sandwich (before Squidward became obsessed with eating them).

At least Spongebob is subtle and does not go out of it's way to teach a lesson.

SpongeBob isn't as mean-spirited as Family Guy

You can't really expect mean spirit if it's a kid show

Animal abuse and suicide? That's not mean spirited?

Family Guy has those things. Brian keeps a gun in case he wants to kill himself and in 420, Peter killed Quagmire's kitty (that made me both sad and angry because I love cats). Also, in Brian the Closer, Peter broke Brian's teeth and disfigured his face and didn't feel any remorse for doing so and the family didn't care that Brian was hurt.

Of course its not it's a kids show dumbass

Not offensive

Family Guy is as offensive as the plot requires it to be

No Conway Twitty cutaway gags

So, they were used in like... 3 of their episodes

SpongeBob doesn't try to be offensive. Family Guy makes offensive episodes without understanding how to make them funny.

At least with SpongeBob, there are signs that the writers try to make good episodes. Most of the Family Guy episodes come across as lazy.

SpongeBob Is Timeless

Spongebob has been silly since the first season but its more watchable than Family Guy. The worst episodes of Spongebob will be better than Family Guy.

SpongeBob and Patrick don't mean to torment Squidward, but Peter does mean to torment Meg.
SpongeBob doesn't kill off characters

A la The Life of Brian

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