Spongebob is better than Family Guy. End of story.

I can't believe how so many people think Family Guy is better than Spongebob. All the logical reasons why Spongebob is better have all been brought up here, yet people dismiss those reasons like they're a lie.
There's nothing wrong with liking Family Guy more than Spongebob, but don't take the Spongebob hate to the extreme.

The Family Guy characters has purposely changed over the years, simply because Seth fell out of love with the show. FOX forced him to keep the show going, therefore he purposely made it worse and worse. They can still be funny and enjoyable sometimes, but what they do to each other is mostly evil. Also, unlike Spongebob, FG has very strong continuity. Their actions are sometimes brought up in other episodes (such as Seahorse Seashell Party).

The Spongebob characters has not changed as much. Spongebob and Sandy have barely changed (although Sandy have been into science more often since Season 4). Patrick have occasionally been OOC several times, but has never been as stupid as Peter could be. Patrick have also been in character consistently since late Season 8, with a few exceptions. Mr. Krabs has always been greedy, but he does go too far sometimes. But he hasn't done many irredeemable things.

Squidward is like Brian in this show: a pretentious, arrogant jerk who acts horrible to everyone and always plays the victim. The treatment of Squidward is not always horrendous or awful, but the treatment of Meg is way more painful and sadder. Also, Spongebob himself gets worse treatment than Squidward. And another thing: does Spongebob EVER laugh at Squidward's misery? No!

Conclusion: It's up to anyone to like Spongebob more than Family Guy and vice versa, but no show can get away with everything. Also, the stuff Family Guy gets away is way worse and disgusting than Spongebob could ever be.
And for that matter, a show appealing to all ages is not at all a bad thing. Look at Tom and Jerry. It was never specifically for kids only, and that show has fans of all ages.