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21 SpongeBob isn't as mean-spirited as Family Guy

You can't really expect mean spirit if it's a kid show - EpicHorrorMaster

Animal abuse and suicide? That's not mean spirited? - Goatworlds

Family Guy has those things. Brian keeps a gun in case he wants to kill himself and in 420, Peter killed Quagmire's kitty (that made me both sad and angry because I love cats). Also, in Brian the Closer, Peter broke Brian's teeth and disfigured his face and didn't feel any remorse for doing so and the family didn't care that Brian was hurt. - Murvine_Taylor

Of course its not it's a kids show dumbass

22 SpongeBob and Patrick don't mean to torment Squidward, but Peter does mean to torment Meg.
23 SpongeBob Is More Clean

You can't degrade a show for something it excels at, SpongeBob is a kids show, its supposed to be clean, Family guy isn't for kids, and its not clean, family guy isn't supposed to be clean, therefore this is an invalid point

McKing1003, are you dumb? , of course SpongeBob is clean its an effing kids show!

24 It Has Dirty Jokes (In A Kids Show)
25 Family Guy Is More Twisted
26 SpongeBob doesn't stop the show in the middle of an episode for a cutaway gag

Again, this is what makes family guy funnier!

27 SpongeBob doesn't try to be offensive. Family Guy makes offensive episodes without understanding how to make them funny.

At least with SpongeBob, there are signs that the writers try to make good episodes. Most of the Family Guy episodes come across as lazy.

28 "Nasty Patty" is a better example of dark comedy than most of Family Guy's dark comedy episodes.
29 The Humor Is Is More Adult
30 SpongeBob Is Timeless V 1 Comment
31 No stupid flashback jokes
32 SpongeBob doesn't kill off characters

A la The Life of Brian

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Spongebob is better than Family Guy. End of story.
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