Top Ten Reasons SpongeBob SquarePants Will Never Get Canceled

This list is to explain why SpongeBob will always exist

The Top Ten

1 It's what makes most of nickelodeon's money

Oh shut up Spongebob fanboy.

2 It's still going after 15 years
3 It has no continuity so they can do whatever they want
4 No matter how bad the show gets kids will still watch it

I agree with #1. #2 is stupid, no matter how long it is going, it can always get cancelled. I agree with #3. #4 is an insult, because the show is actually getting a little bit better in season 12. Sure, season 11 sucks, but season 12 only has a few bad episodes up until now, and I hope that continues. #5 is dumb as well. There are 12 seasons. You can always rewatch good episodes. #6 wait what? #7 I already covered it. #8 if it hasn't happened up until now, it probably never will. SB is not FOP and I hope it will remain like that. by the way, FOP got so much negative feedback for new characters that I'm not sure Nickelodeon wants to risk it again. #9. Stupid. Nickelodeon has many more shows to win KCA, no matter how terrible they are, they will win, by the way, they can always make a new cartoon.
#10 why? They can work on other shows.
#11 Stupid.

5 They probably would make a lot of 6 year olds disappointed
6 He jumped the shark over 3 years ago
7 He's nickelodeons main icon
8 It can just add new characters to make more episodes
9 It would stop winning KCA's if it got canceled
10 They would probably have to fire a bunch of workers

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11 Other shows would get cancelled too like The Loud House
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