Top Ten Reasons Sport Video Games Suck


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1 Recycled Content

My friend says he thinks PS4 is the best console ever yet he only has gay sports games made by EA.

Why would you spend 50 dollars just for a new sports game that really only adds new characters? Go buy Sonic Colors instead.

Each new game is pretty much the same as the last game. - ZZDOORAL

2 Bad Gameplay

Why play a game where you KNOW the cpu is made to cheat to beat you? There’s no skill involved what so ever

3 Pointless

Their very existence is contradictory. Someone might as well unironically make a game called “life simulator” where you just drink water.

4 You Could Just Go Outside and Do It

"Hey, lets go outside and build up our athletic abilities, stay thin by eating healthy as well, make ourselves attractive, get sunshine, experience things and have long lives! ", says the fit attractive guy.
"No I have a better idea, lets sit around, get fat eating delivery meals, repeal women, spend our lives in the dark, never know the world around us, and die before we turn 50! ", says the ugly fat slob.
"Lets do that second idea.", says the dumb idiot. - IsaiahWill22

Yeah, well, why would you go through the effort of playing a video game of something that would be healthy for you? It's like saying, "Hey guys, guess what?! I just got the awesome new Vegetable Eating game where you can get your avatar to eat all the veggies you want them to! " - NerdyPweeps

Yeah I agree with you a little bit 2k is pretty fun and very difficult and I play it when it's flooding and snowing - 2storm

I know right! Let's compare, shall we?
1. Football
Outside > Video games
2. Basketball
Outside > Video games
3. Hockey
Outside > Video games
Winner:Going outside to play sports
Next time you see a game from EA like FIFA, Madden, or NFL, don't buy them because you can just watch the game on your television set, or just play sports outside. I wonder how many people don't play sport video games.

5 They're Confusing

I had big bean burrito and I hae gassy bum

6 Cocky Community
7 Pay to Win
8 Huge Depreciation in Value Once Used
9 The Games Feel So Long

They really suck

10 Too Close to Reality

If I play video games to stay away from sports, why would I play a video game of sports.

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