Reasons St. Anger is a Good Metallica Album

I honestly like the album St. Anger. I really do. It may have the terrible drumming and no guitar solos, but it is a good album. This is just my opinion so if you don't like it, then Im sorry. Im not saying its the best album, because all the 80s albums are obviously better, but its not a bad album. Now Lulu, thats a different story, as that album does suck.

The Top Ten

1 Not every song in the album has terrible lyrics
2 Bob Rock is a pretty good bassist

St. Anger isn't a good album. But for god sake, it isn't horrible either. - DoroExploro13

St. Anger is he worst album and Bob Rock isn't a. Good bassist. - DynastiNoble

3 Kirk Hammet has played some great riffs in songs such as My World and Frantic.

Still don't like the snare sound

And purify! That riff is gold! - awesomedp900

4 All 4 Members were involved in the writing process in each of the 11 songs.

On the contrary, it was because of Bob Rock that things like the drumming were screwed up. I don't know if you've ever seen Some Kind of Monster, but if you have, you'll know that all the members were depressed as hell at the time. Hetfield looking like he's about to shoot himself with that weird microphone. - IronSabbathPriest

5 James Hetfield raps better than Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne ever has in Some Kind of Monster.
6 Sweet Amber and The Unnamed Feeling has great singing by James Hetfield
7 St. Anger is Jimmy Page's favorite Metallica album

Ha, I didn't know this and I am very surprised. - Metal_Treasure

8 James Hetfield's yelling of the word "Kill!" thousands of times during the end All Within My Hands

You have to admit that's is pretty cool - christangrant

Kill kill kill kill kill kill

9 It's very unique, and there is no other album like this

This is why I like this album its unique while the Snare sound can get annoying at times for some reason it doesn't bother me that much it gives the album its own sound plus the guitar sound is cool - christangrant

At least it was better than Lulu. - DynastiNoble

10 The songs aren't even that boring to listen to

Well, at least St. Anger is better than Lulu. It wasn't that bad. 5/10 - DynastiNoble

The Contenders

11 It helps with frustration
12 Almost Every Track on the Album is Good

The only ones that I find bad are: Invisible Kid, Purify, My World, Shoot Me Again - christangrant

13 All of the Riffs are Badass and Catchy
14 It's aggressive and heavy
15 Saint Anger Expresses Emotional Response

As The Lead Singer In A Band Called Desperate Tombstone I'm Making, The Lyrics May Lack, So Lyrically Its Maybe 3/10, But The Emotion, Is 10/10, 100%, Emotion Is Half Of Lyrical Song Writing, Which Also Ties In With A Good Plot To The Song, So Just Lyrically I Give It 7-8/10. This Shows The Darkest And Depest Emotions Experienced By Humans, Although I'm Writing A Ep (Not A Full Album Since I Believe It's A Waste Of Time To Work On This If It isn't My Main Style) To Make A More Popular Saint Anger, Stronger Lyrics, I Wont Have As Much Emotion, But Ill Keep It The Best I Can, And The Deepness Emotionally, The Ep Is Titled Man Of Rage.

16 The St. Anger Riff. My God It's Good

It makes you headbang so hard

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