Top Ten Reasons to Stay Single

Staying single, or getting married. It's a choice some people make, but this list is of reasons to stay single.
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1 You get to make all the decisions yourself

You should be making 50% of your decisions by yourself in any case.

2 More room in your home for yourself
3 More money to spend on yourself
4 No arguments

Men love to argue too. Women aren't the only problem in relationships.

5 You won't have to worry about divorce

Getting married is easy, getting divorced is a pain. And it's estimated that approximately 40-50 percent of first marriages and 60 of first marriages end in divorce. Why bother with marriage when there's a high chance that it won't last anyway?

Approximately 40-50 percent of first marriages and 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce. And divorce is complicated.

6 You can be selfish

Which makes you a less likable person regardless of being single or not

7 You can't cheat and have it be really bad

Funnily enough there's an easily solution to this and that is not cheating.

8 You can spend more time with friends

Messenger, WhatsApp and any other chatting apps in a nutshell. Obviously being in a relationship, you'll know how much your girlfriend/boyfriend would text you daily and yourself doing the same. Sometimes you wouldn't have the time chatting with your own friends.

This is one of the best reasons to stay single. As you devote more time to your partner/spouse, you'll be spending less and less time with friends. Friendship is also an important relationship and hanging out with your pals is always fun.

Your friends can get more arrogant towards you when they date.

I'd rather have my good friends than a tough relationship.

9 You won't have to waste money on the wedding
10 Some relationships are toxic

Some people end up marrying someone who is abusive, mean, possessive and jealous. That person may even keep a close eye on them even if they're the one sleeping around and cheating. Why be stuck in an abusive relationship/marriage when you can be free and happy?

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11 It can be safer in terms of house robbery

If someone robs your house, as much couldn't be stolen, knowing you live on your own.

12 You're less stressed

When you're married or in a relationship, disagreements and fights are on another level. And sometimes these arguments are so stressful that they actually cause us more damage than we think. Being single reduces this stress.

13 Many relationships don't last

Relationships and marriages come as go all the time. You'll probably go through multiple partners throughout your life.

14 You can sleep with whoever you want to

Not saying you should sleep around but if you do, it won't be cheating because you're not in any committed relationship with someone.

It you're Christian, you can't sleep with someone unless you're married to them.

15 You can watch whatever you want to

If you both want to watch something different there's no argument over what show/movie you're going to watch. You have total control over the remote and TV and only you decide what you watch.

16 More personal space
17 You can own any pet that you want

I want to own any animal I desire and nobody will tell me otherwise.

18 No jealousy issues

When you're single, you never have to worry about a partner/spouse always getting angry, jealous and insecure every time you talk to the opposite sex. This is one of the biggest benefits of singularity.

19 You don't have to change your habits

You don't have to change your disgusting habits or deal with someone else's.

20 You don't have to answer to anyone

You can come and go as you please, and there's no partner that always has to know where you're going, what you're doing, who you're spending time with, what time you're coming home, etc. And you don't have any jealousy or suspicion to deal with either.

21 No second family

You already have your own nagging parents to deal with. Why take on someone else's?

22 You don't have to share anything

You can have everything all to yourself. Bed, food, etc.

23 Better chance of getting hired

Single men and women are more likely to find work than married couples.

24 It's isolating

Marriage can be isolating. When you're married you can no longer go out and do whatever you please. Your husband/wife is your family and social norms dictate that family comes first. You are allowed some friends and free time, but only when it's convenient.

25 Singularity doesn't mean loneliness

Your life is all about you. You can selfishly indulge in whatever activities you want. Your resources and efforts are invested in you. Being single does not mean solitude or emptiness. You can find friendship, community and political solidarity. In fact, with no man/woman in your life, there can be so much more of these things.

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