Top 10 Reasons to Stop Being So Over-Nostalgic About Different Decades

Almost everyone hates the 2010s to death and are so overnostalgic about the 1980s and 1990s. While I personally don't care for the 2010s either, these nostalgia elitists should really just grow the hell up and realize that EVERY decade has bad things happen. I'm just saying.

And honestly, I'm not gonna hope for anything in the 2020s other than to be alive. I'm finally gonna move on with my life and realize that bad things have always happened in ever decade and will continue to happen (I know that may sound sad and depressing but that's reality. Again, just saying).

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1 Every decade has bad things happen.

To any 90s kids out there, do you simply just ignore the Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations, the rise of teen pregnancy, the Michael Jackson child sex abuse allegations, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, Gary Glitter revealed to be a pedophile, the release the first Star Wars prequel and countless other trashy shows and movies?

Even made a list about it. - MrCoolC

As a nostalgiatard myself I fully agree with this list. It's so accurate - darthvadern

90s kids ignore false Michael Jackson sexual allegations, Yugoslav wars, Rwanda massacre, Kurt Cobain killed himself, WTC bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, maximum teen pregnancy, bread crisis in Bulgaria, Bill Clinton raping people Gary Glitter being a pedophile and poverty. - BorisRule

2 No decade is perfect at all.

Pfft. Not even the 1960s or 1970s because of the JFK Assassination of the Vietnam War. - JoeBoi

Everyone treats the 80s and 90s like flawless decades without realizing that they had bad things happen. This is why I'm hardly ever nostalgic about a certain decade because like I said, every decade has bad things happen and people needto realizie that already (I really do think that's better for everyone).

True - darthvadern

3 Some people may have complained about living in the decade you grew up in.

For example, there's kids out there who grew up in the 80s that complained about the 90s (yes 90s kids, there were people who hated the 90s. Get over it already).

And 60s kids who hated on the 70s - yungstirjoey666

4 You only get one life of living so don't waste it on living in the past.

Sure, the past may have been nostalgic, but, you live in the present. Just write a book about your nostalgia instead of daydreaming about it - darthvadern

I think this needs no explanation.

5 Every decade has some bad entertainment.

I mean the 80’s, and 90’s had a fair share of bad entertainment like The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, and Troll 2. - RadioHead03

People keep bitching and complaining about 2010s media without realizing that crappy media has always existed (even the 90s had its fair share of crappy media).

6 We forget about the past for a reason.

Sometimes you really do have to move on in life and forget about the past because you'll never get any of it back. So always make the best of every moment in your life.

7 Previous decades were likely harder.

If you're a 2010s kid and think that you have it the hardest, your life is probably nothing compared to 20th century kids. Most of them didn't have internet or were able to learn things faster like we're able to nowadays. So don't say you were born in the wrong decade (if anything, you were born in the right decade considering how you're able to buy all kinds of movies and games online and even learn things faster because of the web).

Factually they were. Life in the far past is like life in the poorest countries in the world in the present - darthvadern

I grew in 2000, so no, it's not harder for me. It's the beginning where the pre-modern era has risen. - yamionthetrap

The 21st century is objectively better than the 20th century (except for most of the music that is).

8 You shouldn't feel nostalgic about a decade you weren't born in.

I'm not kidding when I say there are literally kids out there who are nostalgic about the 70s, 80s, and 90s despite not even being alive during those decades. Posers.

It's idiotic when people are nostalgic for decades they weren't alive in. Really? Be nostalgic about things that are nostalgic for you, not others. For me personally, the late 2000s are what defines my nostalgia (2005-2008) - darthvadern

9 Sometimes being overnostalgic can make you depressed.

It really can. Mainly because once you take yourself back to a simpler time, you get depressed over the fact that you're not living that time anymore.
But just keep in mind that you're still living the good times. Don't ever think that all the good times are gone just because you're all grown up (they will always be there as long as you make them out to be).

Yeah, it has gotten be a bit depressed sometimes in the past - darthvadern

10 It shouldn't matter what decade something was released in.

I knew a guy born in 1999 and he wishes he was born in the 70s. Here's the thing, if he was born in the 70s, he'd be wishing he was born in the 50s. People are never happy

I don't care if something was released in the 2010s or 90s. If it's good, then good. If not, no big deal.

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11 There were wonderful things about each and every decade

There were wonderful movies in each and every decade, there were wonderful music from each and every decade, so enjoy the movies and music of each decade including the wonderful music and movies of this decade and the upcoming decade that is just around the corner - germshep24

12 The future will bring you more entertaining things

Yep. That is true. The past has disadvantages, the future cultivate some things that will put the generation into more innovative creations. - yamionthetrap

13 You should stop waiting for life to get better and just live your life already.
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