Top Ten Reasons to Stop Gaming and Get a Life

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It's a big world out there

Yeah, a world full of hate and stupid people.

It's a big world you should go explore it and.. Get a starbucks or whatever - bluefish

Yeah, I know that, and I like going out to do stuff. But I like video games! I already have a life too. Yeah I like Starbucks yummy shortbread but I also like Costa

I like this list. It's very true, this. - PositronWildhawk

You don't want to end up like PewDiePie

You think he's cool... Well do you think a grown man screaming at computer scream is cool? Think about it - bluefish

What about him? He just yells so people can enjoy his videos. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do that off-screen - cdxtreme

I love gaming but PewDiePie is just lame, stupid, immature, and overrated. - RiverClanRocks

You guys do know pewdiepie makes more money in a month that you will probably ever make in your lives?

I'd earn less than to defend someone like a low-life. I like PewDiePie though.

The main cause of unhealthiness

Junk food is but it's still good for you an a way - speed

Not even close. If you're looking for health, gaming is actually better for you than T.V., because it actually has you thinking sometimes rather than just watching. And I can guarantee this is NOT the main cause of unhealthiness. - Garythesnail

It will cost too much money

Not all and everything fun cost money playing outside is fun and free but only for a limited time - speed

Most games force people to buy extra DLC... - Turkeyasylum

You will be spending a lot of money... - bluefish

And that is why we have eBay kids! - cdxtreme

It won't make you happy

Definitely! As a former gamer, I know that playing games in fact makes you sad. And also it can destroy your life, if addiction is too much. - Kiteretsunu

When since sitting in your moms basement and looking at a computer screen make you happy. - bluefish

Playing video games the whole time won't make you happy. You need a variety of things to make you happy, like friends, TTT, outdoor activities and others to make you happy. I used to play games and get bored, but I just realized that you have to mix it with other things.

Food wont make you happy, money wont make you happy, what's the difference with games? - cdxtreme

Too much thinking

"too much thinking"? I mean, it requires thinking, but how is that a BAD thing? - Garythesnail

This proves games don't make you dumb - speed

Yeah, cause it's not like we have SCHOOL

Why wont you read a book instead? - bluefish

It will ruin your relationships

Wonder why you girlfriend broke up with you? - bluefish

No it doesn't only if you do it 24/7 but that's for everything
Cleaning farting sports meanness niceness and others - speed

Your eyes will hurt

You know when you been playing along time and you feal that pain in you eyes. - bluefish

I came to a point when my eyes were really dry. But it just depends on how you use it.

That's from staying up and looking at the light gaming itself doesn't - speed

Too much free time is taken away

You can use your free time in any way you want, but it's better if you don't just spend it all on games. But seriously, gamers also have a life.

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"-John Lennon

Well, playing games IS a way to pass the time - cdxtreme

You have a lot of free time why waste it on playing video games? - bluefish

It's addictive

Remember that time when you was playing world of war crafts
And didn't realized it been a hour. - bluefish

But in a good way(for me) - Therandom

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You will have to wear glasses

I've been wearing glasses BEFORE I started playing video games...

It depends on the person. That's basically why I had to wear glasses.

So I've been able to play on my dad's Xbox sice I was 3. Am I blind? No.

I've been playing games for 18 years and my eyes are fine this list is pathetic.

Life won't wait for you
Your thumbs will get tired
You only have one life to live
It will make you frustrated
You'll fry your brain
You'll hurt your thumbs
Life's too short
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