Top 10 Reasons to Stop Hating So Much On Teen Titans Go!

Why is there so much hate for Teen Titans GO? Probably the main and biggest reason for all the hate is because it's not like the original. That's the point. It's not suppose to be. It's meant for newcomers and a newer and fresher style of the Titans in a lovable and comedic way.

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1 It's Not Supposed to be Like the Original

Its okay in my opinion! I just don't think that the new concept suits the show at all in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sorry, but we petitioned for a Season 6 for the original, but Cartoon Network didn't do it like they promised. Instead, they created dumb Teen Titans Go. - EpicJake

I don't hate it because its not like the original (i like the idea of it being a comedy) it's the fsct that they insult fans of the classic show and dumb down our favorite characters from turning robin to a dictator to making beast boy (who in my oppion was the most well developed character) to a bumbling idiot if they tool there show seriously and still made it funny like the amazing world of gumball I would like it so that is why I absouloutly hate this show and no "its for kids" excuse is going to work - samanime

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2 Adorable Animation

No, they look awful. Since when did Starfire have pink hair? - Catacorn

I love the original as much as the next guy but I also enjoy the new character style. They look adorable now

All the characters look adorable and squeezable!

The character Raven is adorable! - IpodSwagger

3 For Newcomers
4 Kid Friendly

If you call episodes like "Boys vs. Girls" and "Waffles" kid friendly, then wow. - Chaotixhero

I played the waffle game. People did not find it as entertaining as I did. - IpodSwagger

If you call the episode "Smile Bones" kid friendly, you have lost your mind. - mayamanga

5 Lighthearted
6 Creative
7 Fun
8 New and Fresh
9 Creators and Writers Work Very Hard

You see here, there's a problem. They add a dumb and weird part in every minute of the show in the modern episodes, the show can't focus. - EpicJake

No they don't they even admit the show is stupid and insult fans who want there favorite hero's taken seriously - samanime

They do not work hard, they do a lazy job and create a dumb and senseless plot. - Catacorn

10 Makes You Smile

Yeah this show has never made me laugh or smile I respect you if you like this show but I openly hate it as well so... Yeah

This show has never made me laugh, or even smile. - Catacorn

It would make me smile if it got CANCELLED. - mayamanga

Yeah my sister made a yt video of why it is a good show

The Contenders

11 It's Funny

It's about as funny as staring at a gray sky for 30 minutes. - mayamanga

Its not funny, the original was funny and actually made sense. But the new version is stupid. - Catacorn

No, it is not funny. It's stupid. Original is better in my opinion.

12 It's Not Funny
13 It's Pointless
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