Top 10 Reasons to Stop Living in the Past

I've literally seen thousands of people online complaining about how everything sucks today and how they wish they were kids again. Look people, I know today isn't really that good but it's not like the past was any better either. You don't necessarily have to get with the times but you shouldn't keep living in the past either. And I have 10 reasons why.

Life may get rough but it's always important to focus on your future.

The Top Ten

1 You Only Live Once

Don't waste your life by wishing you were a kid again because of kids having fun on a playground when you can slide on stuff even when you're an adult. - AlphaQ

You only get one life of living so don't waste it by living in the past or wishing you were a kid again.

As much as I would die to change some things in my past, the only thing I can do is change for the future.

2 You Don't Wanna Revisit Any Bad Moments of the Past

Whether it be an abusive relationship or loss of a loved one. It's seriously not cool.

It could be anything, mate. - AlphaQ

True, if only I wasn't such a nostalgiatard - darthvadern

3 You'll Never Get Your Time Back

It's gone forever. Leave the past behind and focus on your future.

4 It's Not Emotionally Healthy

It could cause you think more negatively and to refuse change.

5 It Could Cause Depression

You could get depressed from knowing that your childhood and innocence are both gone. If it's that painful to you then don't go back.

6 You'll Need to Focus on Your Future

You never know. Maybe one day YOU could be president or find the cure for cancer. You just gotta work hard and not let anything get in your way no matter what.

7 Change Just Happens

We all hate change. But we'll have to accept the fact that it just happens whether for better or for worse.

8 Sometimes Change Can Be Good

It can be. Just try to focus on the good aspects of change for once.
It's like what I've always been told as a kid: "Disappointments are just God's way of saying I've got something better. Be patient. Live life. Be happy."

It can, just get used to the time. - MrCoolC

9 You Shouldn't Worry So Much About What You Could've Done Better

We all make mistakes, but what's most important is to learn from them and never forget what they've taught us.

10 The Future Doesn't Take You to the End

What it does is take you to the beginning.

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