Top Ten Reasons to Stop Smoking

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1 Smoking can kill you

Guess what I never met my granddad, he died of cancer in the early 70s.
He smoked, and even used to get these special stamps that you could get gifts with.

Yea but so can driving a car.

One of my worst nightmares is that one day, I will start smoking. What am awful habit! - keycha1n

Yeah, this is the reason that I never knew why people smoke. They're basically saying "Screw my life" - Mcgillacuddy

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2 Smoking makes you lose body parts

That you really need

3 It's a waste of money

Rather spend my money on useful things. - Userguy44

I agree that it cost money but that's not the smokers fault! It's the government who has almost all of the money in their pockets just because they know that stopping with smoking is not easy and so they're taking advantage of that.

I would rather spend money on university or more valuable things - Ohno

Cigarettes are more expensive nowadays to the 20th century because people are more aware of how dangerous smoking is. In the 00s they made it illegal to smoke inside buildings except for your home.

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4 Smoking smells bad
5 There's no reason to smoke

There's literally no good thing about smoking. - Userguy44

6 There's better things to do in life instead of smoking

Like hanging out with your homies

7 Smoking gives you bad breath
8 It harms your kids

And if they see someone/their parents smoking, they could end up doing it themselves when they get older! Such a bad influence. It's worse if the child has asthma or other respiratory and breathing problems.

9 You're wasting money on something that can kill you

To be COMPLETELY honest, I hate it-
Wait, I don't hate it.

10 Lung cancer

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11 It doesn’t make you high

Ok I need to be high now

12 Tobacco tastes terrible

Nobody likes the taste of tobacco. Why? The tars and other stupid chemicals ruin the taste. If you're going to be addicted because of taste, be addicted to Mountain Dew or Something. - imacg4

13 It turns your teeth yellow
14 It damages your lungs
15 Has over 70 chemicals
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