Reasons Summer Homework Should Be Banned

School's out summer's in, but not for the kids. We are getting overloaded with summer homework every year and not one child took a break from it. Here are some reasons school should not assign summer homework.

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1 It ruins summer

This is the reason the school system in my country is failing - Jordansalesguy2392

What country are you in exactly? I live in America and the only summer homework I get is summer reading.

Homework was bad enough but summer homework is way worse. - HoldenFanatic

The point of summer break is so that you could have an opportunity to spend time with your family and friends or go on a holiday, not so you could have more work. It’s called summer break for a reason. Dear teachers, we have lives. - HoldenFanatic

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2 We don't need homework during the summer

Why doesn't teachers give kids a guide to help us learn for the next grade - Jordansalesguy2392


3 It's only there to bore kids

Spent my whole vacation doing homework, not having a Holiday

It's been one month and still haven't finish my homework - Jordansalesguy2392

4 It has no effect on grades

Here in Puerto Rico we don't have summer homework, I think!

In Macedonia too no summer work

Uh yes it does?

5 It's supposed to be summer BREAK

It is called a VACATION for a damn good reason; so kids can be free from work, not overloaded in it.

6 We can’t go on vacation because of it

My sister has classes this summer (2018) and has TONS of homework. It's mid-July, school starts in late August, and our family STILL hasn't gone anywhere on vacation because of it >:(

My sister's summer classes RUINED my summer in 2016 >:(

7 It is boring
8 It takes up the time that could be used to spend with family and/or friends.

It also takes up the time that’s could be used to go on vacations

9 It reminds us of school
10 It’s pointless

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11 Summer is all about having fun and not doing any school work

"Summer vacation is the perfect time to go travel places, play sports, go outside flying kites, going to the beach, and spend quality time with your friends and family."

When it's summer break I stay inside playing video games, playing outside in the summer and spring is boring and hot, playing outside in the winter and fall is fun

12 It's supposed to be a break, not do more work.

In the summer you can spend some quality time with friends and family, or what you like doing in your spare time.But if you do more work,it just leads to more stress and work.

13 Some students have summer jobs

During the summer, I have a part-time job, and with that it makes me incredibly busy. With a multitude of summer homework, it is very time consuming and takes up the large majority of the summer. Due to this, it means there is almost no time to spend with family, which is what summer break is supposed to be about.

My sister had to juggle between a part time job and homework this past summer.

This=my sister

14 We deserve a break
15 The packet can be 100+ pages long
16 We want to read our own books, not school books
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