Top Ten Reasons That Supermariologan is Not That Good Anymore


The Top Ten

1 Constant Bad Videos

I don't really see how SML's videos are bad nowadays. In some ways, they are actually improving! I mean, the quality of the videos are outstanding and better than any kind of plush series on the internet. And you have to give the guys some credit for reaching a million subs.

Actually the new SML videos are better than the old ones (my opinion) - venomouskillingmachine

2 The SML Fanboys Are Too Stupid to See the Bad Stuff
3 Junior is Way Overused
4 Bowser is an Evil, Unlikable Jerk
5 Joseph and Cody Show Up for No Reason

This especially bad in 2016, where they appear in pretty much every Junior video.

6 Less Mario On the Supermariologan Account

The channel should be called superjeffylogan, now

This is not a reson to hate on it, Mario for Jeffy fans (like me) is an evil guy that wants to get rid of Jeffy, but he always fails! - GumballWatterson

7 Logan Thinks Every Idea is Gold

Actually, no. Logan doesn't accept ideas like "Junior's MLP:FiM DVD! ". - noo7na7

8 Toad is Annoying and Unlikable

I agree with this. Most of the time, Toad is never a good character, hell, in Super Mario World, there's no Toads at all. - noo7na7

9 Too Many Videos Based On Filler
10 Shrek is Gross and Highly Unlikable

The Contenders

11 Jeffy Gets Mario in Trouble
12 Ruined Tom Brady and Shrek
13 No Mature Content Warnings

To be fair, SML has a weird censorship policy, like, in one episode, they censored the word "b****" but not the word "f***"...

14 Character Flanderization
15 Lack Of Chef Pee Pee Episodes
16 Constant Jeffy
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