Top Ten Reasons Svetlana Is Mike's Best Alternate Personality in Total Drama

Of course Mike is the best but in his fake personalities, Spledlana rocks!

The Top Ten

1 She Admitted Mike Was the Best Season Finale Season 5

That was pretty cool of her because she was willing to leave Mikes brain - ToptenPizza

Yea he was cool but what about the others? chester vito and manitoba also was okay to leave if it meant to stop mal

2 She Is Athletic

The most talented and is great at gymnastics she won lots of challenges - ToptenPizza

3 She Isn't Arrogant Like Veto and the Australian Guy

Veto and the Australian one are so egotistical but not spledlana - ToptenPizza

4 She Helped Win Challenges the Most

The only thing Chester did was piss off a mutant squirrel in season 4 episode 1 by throwing a rock on it - ToptenPizza

5 She Is Sort of Kind of Normal
6 She Didn't Mess Up Mike and Zoey's Relationship

Veto! Are you listening? - ToptenPizza

7 She Was the Nicest

Chester complained a lot, Veto and the Australian guy are arrogant, and Mal is... Mal! - ToptenPizza

8 She Resisted Mal

When Mal was trying to make her come up she defied him with the help of Mike - ToptenPizza

9 She Was the First One to Let Mike Give Them Up

While the other personalities were ready to turn on him, she convinced them they should not kill him - ToptenPizza

10 She Could Be Famous In the Real World

The Contenders

11 She was in love with Scarlett
12 She was prettier than Miles
13 She was more athletic than Tyler who is a jock
14 She could beat up Cameron
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