Top Ten Reasons Swearing is Not Okay


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1 It can hurt other's feelings

This list is a joke. Only really sensitive people - venomouskillingmachine

What does everyone think here? - Userguy44

People who are offended to easily aren't even offended by cursing - 445956

Heck - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 It's a sin

That is wrong

Not everyone is christian. - 3DG20

What if you're an athieist? - WheresMyGuitarPick

No it's not you ding-dong! It's a because! (I hate math) - AlphaQ

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3 It will defame your friends, school and yourself

If you're in prep school. - AlphaQ

That's if you're in middle school, nah...nursery. - AlphaQ

If you are in Elementary, that is - 445956

You will be known as "The swearing king" in your town, awesome huh? - MChkflaguard_Yt

If I was called a swearing princess I will be happy it's a complement - RoseCandyMusic

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4 It is unnecessary to swear

This item is pretty valid actually. - 3DG20

Its only unnecessary if you swear 24/7. - AlphaQ

What if you get hurt? - 445956

It's an expression, I know it's unnecessary but some people can't stop swearing - RoseCandyMusic

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5 It can get you detention at school

At Elementary School, in which if you are still there you shouldn't be on the site - 445956

School rules are strict. That's why. I even got suspended for drawing a dick on the Teachers head. GaH. - AlphaQ

6 Swearers are cringy

The words 'swearers' is cringey haha - AlphaQ

I think using the word "swearer" is cringy - GlassweighanCountess

The word 'swearer' is even more cringe mate. - AlphaQ

Gangsta rappers aren't cringy - 445956

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7 It is associated with sensitive topics

Only racial and homophobic slurs. - 3DG20

Those are slurs like racial and homophobic slurs, not ordinary swear words. - AlphaQ

The n word is. That's it.

You are talking about actual SLURS. Not normal curse words. - 445956

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8 You will be rude

It's not rude unless you're using the words to insult someone. - AlphaQ

Swearing doesn't not make you a rude person unless if you're swearing directly at someone.

9 It sets a bad example for kids

DOn't do it in front of kids then. They'll eventually grow up. - AlphaQ

Then it's a bad idea to swear in front of kids. Only if you are alone. - BorisRule

Don't swear in front of the kids then

Most people do it in their lives - 445956

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10 It will make people mad at you if used offensively

The only offensive swear words are racial and homophobic slurs by I don't get affected by thise. - AlphaQ

The only one that's offensive is the n word

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11 It makes you look bad

People who agree with swearing makes you look bad must be a bigger hypocrites themselves and they judge others too. Most people swear a lot and no one is to control them and react in a pure childish manner. We are all a human beings with the right to make our own choice.

In this environment, it doesn't - 445956

OoOoOoh nObOdY gIvEs a sHi

12 You could become a bully

Only if you're insulting someone. - Userguy44

What? How does that make you a bully?

How does swearing make you a bully - GlassweighanCountess

I have lots of friends who swear - 445956

13 It makes you look like an idiot

If one person knows 500 regular words and no swear words, and somebody else knows 490 regulars words and 20 swear words, the latter person knows more words (do the math). - Skullkid755

Only if you use them every 5 seconds - Randomator

14 It's an overused thing
15 It will ruin your life

Not really - RoseCandyMusic

False. Try saying "F***" in a T.V. Screen. No one cares. - AlphaQ

16 It can cause you to make a bad first impression

If you swore in front of me I wouldn't really care. - AlphaQ

No, if you swore in front of me you would make a good impression. We can even exchange curse words together - GlassweighanCountess

17 It makes people not want to be your friend

I would never be friends with an oversensitive person. - AlphaQ

I don't want an sjw crybaby as my friend anyway

Good, I wouldn't want to be friends with an SJW who's scared of swearing - GlassweighanCountess

I don't care - RoseCandyMusic

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18 It makes you feel bad

No, because I'm not a sensitive idiot - RoseCandyMusic

19 It’s offensive

Depends - Userguy44

20 You could get in trouble

That will be if police found our

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