Top Reasons the Tablets Will Not Soon Replace the Laptops

The Top Ten

1 They don't have a keyboard

I agree with this list

I do not care that my tablet has no keyboard. If you want a keyboard on a tablet, BUY ONE! - Kaboom

2 They don't have ports

Yes, they do. Most used ports: USB, Headset, MicroSD. That is what tablets have. Also, there is Bluetooth and wi-fi direct. Laptops do not have that. - Kaboom

3 They don't have a DVD-player

They both not have a dvd player

Who cares? - Kaboom

4 They don't have High-Definition

Yes they do. Some even have 4K (or even higher than that) - Kaboom

5 High Price

Not very high compared to laptopss. - Kaboom

6 They're breakable

So are laptops - Kaboom

7 A lot of people already have laptop

But they will eventually need a new device - Kaboom

8 Inconvenient for transport

How are tablets inconvenient to transport? They are smaller and lighter than laptops. - Kaboom

9 Flash player restrictions

I have flash on my cheapo Android tablet. In your face! - Kaboom

10 The price of the laptops is getting lower

No it isn't. But the price of tablets is. - Kaboom

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