Reasons Tails is Better Than Luigi


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1 Tails is cuter

So true - Godzilla_Sonic-1975fan

Luigi is adorable as Weegee



2 Tails has even credibility with Sonic but Mario overshadows Luigi

Tails beat Luigi in death battle

Mario doesn't overshadow luigi. More people are starting to like luigi rather than Mario. - nintendofan126

Luigi is a pethetic coward! He's even worse than Sonic!

If people are beggining to like Luigi than Mario then why are their anti Luigi clubs everywhere?

3 Nintendo hates Luigi

Have you seen what happens when you try to receive a letter in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

If they hate Luigi then why did they create "year of the luigi? " - nintendofan126

4 Tails is smarter

Luigi is the dumbest character to ever exist

5 Tails saves animals and Luigi is a murderer

I love tails

Luigi is a bigger coward than Tails.

Luigi also uses shrooms and drugs like Mario and kills goombas. Danteem will probably hate this list. - AlphaQ

6 Tails has more character

Luigi and Tails are both bad. But I like Tails more

7 Tails can take on enemies even though he's only 8

Luigi is like 20 and runs from everything. Tails is like, I'm 8 and not even scared, and kills the giant, terrifying boss Luigi would die of fright from.

Tails always uses inventions to help him.

8 Luigi is cowardly

I am a Mario fan but I hate Luigi!

He has the right to be scared. if said u did not like the dark I don't criticize you!

9 There are more Tails fans than Luigi fans

Yes and His fans are even better(I’m about tails fans)

10 Yellow is better than green

Even though I am a Mario fan, I will have to agree on this

This is Internet everybody, where people can complain about everything.

Tails is orange, not yellow

I thought Tails was orange? Meh

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11 Tails has more characteristics than Luigi

Actually Luigi has more challenges than Tails, he goes on a mission to save Mario in Luigi’s mansion

12 Luigi uses shrooms and kills innocent animals like Mario, Tails just flies over them without harming them


13 Tails is faster, stronger, smarter and can fly
14 Tails can't die
15 Sonic is better than Mario
16 Tails beat Luigi in a Death Battle
17 Luigi is overrated

This Is Very True, Tails Isn't Overrated - VideoGamefan5

18 Tails is way more observant than Luigi
19 Luigi is helpless
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