Reasons Teen Titans Go is a Great Show

TTG is probably one of the most hated cartoons of all time, but is it really that bad? I thought we needed a list like this to show why we should stop bashing on the poor show and cut it some slack. I know most of you won't agree with most of these choices, but I hope you enjoy anyway

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1 It knows what it is and isn't afraid to show it

It knows its crap and they don't care that is crap. - egnomac

2 The animation is colorful
3 Without it, we wouldn't have 40% 40% 20%

40% 40% 20% is a really good episode that has continued the original Teen Titans, making several fans happy - SocialMediaStinks

No, it made several fans mad because of how overplayed "The Night Begins to Shine" is - EpicJake

So what's your point? - EpicJake

4 It's stupid, making it perfect for kids

I never said the Titans were good influences - SocialMediaStinks

Says the guy that thinks society is bad for kids. Watch some episodes closely and you'll see that TTG is bad and tells false information. - EpicJake

More like too stupid for kids, just because their kids dosen't mean you have to insult their intelligence. - egnomac

Kids need a little stupidity. I have the body of a fifteen-year-old but the mind of a 5-year old. The reason I like Henry Danger. A admit: TTG is one of the most mean-spirited pieces of entertainment ever (GND2 is still worse), and it is a bad influence,it it is still a very overhated show. - SocialMediaStinks

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5 The characters are relatable

They are just regular kids, making them very relatable to their target audience - SocialMediaStinks

6 The villains are likeable
7 It's Cartoon Network's cash cow
8 It's covered with adult jokes
9 It brings back a show loved by many

Eh not really actually. Same Characters, same setting, but both shows aren't the same. In the Original Teen Titans, the Characters were serious and had actual personalities. In TTG, the characters are stupid and have no personality at all. But that only one difference between the two - EpicJake

I never watched the original Teen Titans, but I agree with you EpicJake - SocialMediaStinks

10 You never know where they'll end up next

I'm saying that you'll never know what the episode is about. The show is unpredictable. - SocialMediaStinks

Mostly likely in the trash. - egnomac

They should end up in a volcano, but sadly, it's not gonna happen - SocialMediaStinks

They'll probably end up in the trash being found dead - EpicJake

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