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1 Too many special snowflakes

I don't think this site has too many special snowflakes, excuse me, sacred cows (I think that's a better term, since these kinds of people think they're immune to criticism), on this site. But lately, on other portions of the internet, I have noticed it more often. I hope TheTopTens doesn't get covered with these kinds of folks. - Nonpointed

2 List quality has declined

Seriously, what kind of list is "users with the stinkiest farts"? And don't get me started on those ridiculously edgy "ways to kill (insert person here)" lists. - GamerBoy

Yet many stated opinion and reactions depend on who created the list. Some who use "potty humor", for example, are praised as being so humorous while others are using such are put down - Billyv

I don't see the creativity in list subjects like "Top Ten Ways to Torture the Kardashian Sisters" or "Songs to Listen to While Looking at Sexy Girls". Most of them are just filler created solely for the purpose of diminishing the quality even further. - Swellow

Hey I joined in some point in early December and I'm not like any of these things. Though I did write an episode of a new experimental post series I decided to do, though the episode is the first out of three intended parts of it but it's not copying any ideas only the post was way shorter than what I intended. Anyway that's my rant and all of you are awesome (well except maybe JBL, BarneytheDinosaurrocks, the Frozen caps girl, and some other person that is a user on here- but this last person isn't a troll I just don't like this person because our opinions are way too different- [I like different opinions than mine and opinions similar to mine, but I can't stand opinions that are too different from mine]). - Anonymousxcxc

Some people actually make lists on other categories, and seem to know nothing about it, so it counts as low-quality drivel instead of being a list with a lot of potential.

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3 Many of the great users have retired

Can someone name off retirements? And by the way, my fake retirement WAS REAL when I got my phone fixed - FerrariDude64

I honestly don't think there are many users left that have been here longer than me. - BKAllmighty

Yeah I see more and more quality users either retiring or doing less stuff. - Martinglez

I'm going on a hiatus with a unknown return. - EpicJake

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4 The user quality is declining

This applies for many users who joined from the summer and up until now. And admin, this isn't an attack on a specific user, so don't give me a violation warning for this item. - Therandom

Well a lot of the people that follow me on this site are older users (usually from like early 2014) and they're really nice to talk to. But some of the new people follow me and they're nice too. - Anonymousxcxc

Now, I get an average of 3 votes a day, and the only way to get 20 is by getting a lucky list put on the newest lists. - FerrariDude64

I joined in January 2014, back when we couldn't have custom profile pictures, and the website's colors were blue and green. - RockFashionista

A bigger problem is that the older users don't have much time to devote for this site.

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5 Many of the older users have become over shadowed

Boy do I miss the old users. This site used to be more enriching and funny - but that may be my biased nostalgia.

Still, you never know what the future entails. - keycha1n

You left at the right time. This site began to decline last summers, but it wasn't as bad and has good things about it, but by December, I realized how much the site really declined. - Therandom

6 You can't dislike comments anymore

We cannot just go around praising everything. The site will be ruined. Admin seems to do want to do that, make it seem that we all love each other's company. - iliekpiez

This one bums me out the most. - htoutlaws2012

Why did they get rid of the dislike button?!

That sucks. I’m guessing that this is related to the over sensitivity reason where someone got “offended” by someone disliking their comment.

7 Much of the content is now cliched

Same formats again and again for blog series. Same desperate attempts to get attention and to make something interesting. Don't be afraid to try something new! - Turkeyasylum

Dante's Inferno revival may be needed in some shape or form (half the users in it have retired now). - IronSabbathPriest

8 The site's continued over sensitivity

They even removed the dislike button because of this, which I find stupid. - RobotWithOpinions

Especially when concerning the Mario, Sonic, and Disney fandoms adding terrible items to lists. - NuMetalManiak

Sensitivity is the major problem of this site.

I honestly feel that this site contains a lot of hypersensitive people and not many mature people. - Powerfulgirl10

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9 Nowadays there are more quantitative lists over qualitative lists

I hate how there is so much obsession over list stats.

Lucky for me I only have 11 lists so far and I guess they're very much relevant to the topic of the list, but yeah those ways to kill [insert person here] lists are annoying also I don't like lists on disgusting topics. (I know that list making is like a main thing on this website, but I don't want to make too many lists because then I'd run out of ideas of what to make them about and they'd end up like how Modern SpongeBob and 9th season-onward of the Fairly Odd Parents- completely stupid). - Anonymousxcxc

Most votes are going to Greatest People of All Time - FerrariDude64

The lists are like Top 10 ____ that start with A! Top 10 _____ that start with B! Top 10 ____ without the letter A!

10 Running out of ideas for lists

True. that's one of the reasons why I kinda dislike 2016,considering that the things I like have gone downhill. Like Nintendo. And TheTopTens. Its really sad.

I know it may seem weird, but it is possible to run out of ideas for lists. Almost everything has been done... And it's not just TheTopTens by the way... the whole internet is really scraping the bottom of the barrel nowadays. Just as or buzzfeed.

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11 The admins keep changing things for the worse

Admin's latest change: You can only comment once on a list until you can vote again. Arguably one of the worst changes ever. Thanks a lot admin. - Therandom

We can't even comment on a single list multiple times anymore until you can vote again. These admins are bad at their job. - EpicJake

Yeah I guess. (What!? It's not my fault I don't exactly pay attention to what the admins are doing most of the time). - Anonymousxcxc

If you don't pay attention to what the admins are doing, why comment on this list? - EpicJake

I hate that we can only vote on a certain list and only comment once. This site just keeps getting worse and worse. - Powerfulgirl10

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12 User suspensions

Unnecesarry suspensions. - Userguy44

13 Too much trolling

Seriously, just ignore them.

But I hate the fact that one particular visitor on here receives so much hatred just for expressing an opinion or challenging a comment made by any eponymous user. This is an opinion site so why aren't opinions allowed to be aired? Many of this visitor's (valid) comments get deleted. It's wrong. - Britgirl

14 Some blog series are poorly made

And other blog post series take too much time to make just to improve quality. This is what's happening to me.

There are two in particular I'm referring to. You should be able to guess which ones. - Therandom

I think my blog posts, especially my old ones, are pretty bad. But I think I'm improving a bit. - Powerfulgirl10

There are still some good blog series such as Skullkid755's Mind Destruction series and Therandom's Heroes vs. Villains - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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15 Number of listings for each list page dropped from 100 to 20

This don't that bad, anymore, because admin gave the search option. With that, I thought admin might make even better changes. Then he makes his comment change, and that's one of the worst changes of them all. - Therandom

This change isn't that bad. The 100 items was a pain to me and it didn't load all the items and the screen stayed stuck. This is one of the new changes I can tolerate. - cosmo

This isn't a problem anymore, as there's a search list option and a skip to page option.

I think it should be 50 items per page. Or a way to set the amount through profile settings. - Skullkid755

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16 Visitors can't add items to lists anymore

This is beyond stupid. Visitors not being allowed to make lists I can understand but not being allowed to add items to lists? This is one of the reasons why this site is declining rapidly. People have the right to add whatever they want to certain lists. They just want to share their favorite things with the world. It would be boring if there were only like 102 items on a list and not more that people can add.

What wars? We still should have the right to add something to a list!

In fact, visitors can't even make lists anymore. Admin, give visitors their rights back. - EpicJake

17 Non-registered people can't add a list anymore

Now users can't find ideas to add lists. They're running out of list ideas. And non-registered people, lots of good old lists have been added by them. - zxm

18 Users older than 15 years are now a minority

SO true!

I just turned 15 at the end of last month (March) do I count when this wa shade? - AlphaQ

Yeah, so?

19 The golden crown doesn't appear in the #1 spot anymore

They should bring the crown back.

20 Terrible admins
21 Valid comments get deleted because of people who can't take criticism
22 The policy is still extremely flawed

I've said this a lot, but the admins need to hear it. - Therandom

23 Users are becoming mean
24 Users are becoming selfish
25 The new users stink

I used to be pretty cringeworthy. - Powerfulgirl10

26 Overhating of Donald Trump

True. - D0S

27 Bad grammar
28 People who can't respect other people's opinions
29 Items that are always submitted twice to a list

In 'Top 10 worst countries', 'Africa' was submitted twice. Like seriously... - styLIShT

30 Haters and fans who can't respect opinions

AKA Mario fanwars. - darthvadern

31 There is a never ending bias towards Jackie Evancho

Yes, the world has had so many amazing and talented singers and musicians that it's possible to make a list of the best 100. But no, as talented as she is, Jackie Evancho would not be there. - higgsboson2142

In reality, there is a never ending outrage by the 9-14 year old users [the overwhelming majority at top tens] who don't like classical music, and simply cannot stand that somebody with a different pinion than theirs gets to actually vote.
Not to worry, the voters for Jackie Evancho are grownups, and once they realized this is a site for children, they took off and are not coming back.
Everyone can safely go back to making endless repetitive lists about Sponge Bob, metal music, and video games.

32 Lists that make no sense

No offense, but there are lots of lists like "top 10 characters you'd like to kick/punch". Those lists don't make sense at all. I mean is there any point about these lists? One or two lists are okay, but random lists like these are annoying. - zxm

There's literally a list of cartoon characters who should start a specific kind of metal band. Why? What is even the point of these lists? They make absolutely no sense at all!

33 Inaccurate lists
34 No matter how hard you try, your vote can't change who's on the top
35 Negative numbers won't appear once you thumb down a comment

I think there should be a "like" and "dislike" section next to the comments that are similar to the ones on YouTube videos. - Powerfulgirl10

36 People who can't take a joke

Christangrant's list of musicians who should be thrown in jail got removed when it was clear that he only made the list as a joke and did not at all encourage those artists to actually be thrown in jail. I swear these admins are hypersensitive as hell!

37 Terrible visitors
38 Ignorant users
39 Liberal users
40 Elite rustlers
41 People adding false images to items
42 Overhating on Justin Bieber
43 Anti-Christian hate
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1. You can't dislike comments anymore
2. Many of the great users have retired
3. Many of the older users have become over shadowed
1. Too much trolling
2. Bad grammar
3. Lists that make no sense
1. Too much trolling
2. Running out of ideas for lists
3. Number of listings for each list page dropped from 100 to 20

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