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21 Users older than 15 years are now a minority

SO true!

I just turned 15 at the end of last month (March) do I count when this wa shade? - AlphaQ

Yeah, so?

22 The golden crown doesn't appear in the #1 spot anymore

They should bring the crown back.

23 The policy is still extremely flawed

I've said this a lot, but the admins need to hear it. - Therandom

24 Users are becoming mean
25 Users are becoming selfish
26 The new users stink

I used to be pretty cringeworthy. - Powerfulgirl10

27 Overhating of Donald Trump

True. - D0S

28 Bad grammar
29 People who can't respect other people's opinions
30 Non-registered people can't add a list anymore

Now users can't find ideas to add lists. They're running out of list ideas. And non-registered people, lots of good old lists have been added by them. - zxm

31 There is a never ending bias towards Jackie Evancho

Yes, the world has had so many amazing and talented singers and musicians that it's possible to make a list of the best 100. But no, as talented as she is, Jackie Evancho would not be there. - higgsboson2142

In reality, there is a never ending outrage by the 9-14 year old users [the overwhelming majority at top tens] who don't like classical music, and simply cannot stand that somebody with a different pinion than theirs gets to actually vote.
Not to worry, the voters for Jackie Evancho are grownups, and once they realized this is a site for children, they took off and are not coming back.
Everyone can safely go back to making endless repetitive lists about Sponge Bob, metal music, and video games.

32 Lists that make no sense

No offense, but there are lots of lists like "top 10 characters you'd like to kick/punch". Those lists don't make sense at all. I mean is there any point about these lists? One or two lists are okay, but random lists like these are annoying. - zxm

There's literally a list of cartoon characters who should start a specific kind of metal band. Why? What is even the point of these lists? They make absolutely no sense at all!

33 Inaccurate lists
34 No matter how hard you try, your vote can't change who's on the top
35 Negative numbers won't appear once you thumb down a comment

I think there should be a "like" and "dislike" section next to the comments that are similar to the ones on YouTube videos. - Powerfulgirl10

36 Terrible admins
37 People who can't take a joke

Christangrant's list of musicians who should be thrown in jail got removed when it was clear that he only made the list as a joke and did not at all encourage those artists to actually be thrown in jail. I swear these admins are hypersensitive as hell!

38 Terrible visitors
39 Ignorant users
40 Items that are always submitted twice to a list
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1. You can't dislike comments anymore
2. Many of the great users have retired
3. Many of the older users have become over shadowed
1. Nowadays there are more quantitative lists over qualitative lists
2. List quality has declined
3. Haters and fans who can't respect opinions
1. Too much trolling
2. Bad grammar
3. Lists that make no sense

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