Top Ten Reasons TheTopTens Is Better Than Twitter


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1 Twitter has annoying hashtags

I personally don't think that hashtags suck or are bad.

TheTopTens and Twitter have nothing to do with each other. Do you make lists on Twitter? No! Do you send images on the toptens? No! - EpicJake

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2 Twitter is overrated
3 TopTenners are better than twitter people

The only Twitter people that's better is Beyonce and that Danny guy. Forget that! That Danny idiot is stupid - JaysTop10List

4 Twitter's logo is for girls

Actually it isn't. Even if it were so what? - cosmo

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5 Twitter has trolls
6 Excessive selfies on Twitter

Can I mention that on your list "why Instagram is better than TheTopTens", you said that you can post selfies on Instagram as one of your reasons? Now you are criticizing them. - Minecraftcrazy530

Twitter is actually BETTER than Instagram.

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7 The lists on TheTopTens are less annoying than hashtags
8 TheTopTens has a good colour scheme
9 Twitter has a lot of dumb people

Ye an der is noooiieee dummm peepul onn twotr

10 Britgirl

I think this is a very good reason! - gemcloben

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11 PositronWildhawk

PositronWildhawk is a great user! Twitter doesn't have him!

12 The people on there are smarter
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1. Twitter is overrated
2. Twitter has annoying hashtags
3. Excessive selfies on Twitter
1. Twitter has annoying hashtags
2. TopTenners are better than twitter people
3. Twitter's logo is for girls



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