Top Ten Reasons TheTopTens Should Be Called TheTopHundreds


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1 On the Stats It Goes All the Way to a Hundred

You don't have to change the name of the site to have that. Our stats now go till 100!

2 Many Lists Go to a Hundred Items

This makes so much sense!

So the next time I make a list here, I'll have to put a hundred items and then get it posted. Wait? It's hundred! How the hell am I supposed to think of hundred items in one-shot?! - Kiteretsunu

Its easy to make a hundred items for every list just make a few items than ask some people to add items - speed

So I'd have to wait for others to complete the hundred items for me? By the way most of my lists are still below 50. - Kiteretsunu

Not really. Seeing many of us running out of list ideas, it would be a lot harder to make lists.

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3 Many People On This Site Have a Hundred Comments

Or even a thousand! So now it should be TheTopThousands.

4 TopTenners Have Hundreds of Followers and Followings

Yup. There's good reasons here! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Some Top Tenners Have a Hundred List
6 It Will Be Better

I like TheTopTens better. TheTopHundreds sound stupid to me - JaysTop10List

TTT won't be TTT if that happens!

7 Only a Few Things Go to 10
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