Top 10 Reasons TheTopTens Should Be Canceled In 2015

I do not do it to disturb you I only say that TheTopTens should be improved or be canceled in 2015

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1 TopTenners Are Making Lists Criticizing Your Country

What! If I were owner of TheTopTens, I Would eliminate the ignorant people - LoboMaloso

These ignorant fools deserve to leave and never come back.

So true! Back off haters

So many things wrong with this list. First I'm like PewDiePie Smosh on the TheTopTens, I complete my lsits and double check them, and I try to stay Family-Friendly. - Jake09

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2 Incomplete Lists

Also lists are poorly made - LoboMaloso

3 Bad TopTenners

I'm not gonna lie, I have a solution for you. You can leave the top tens and never come back. That will probably make you happy - Delgia2k

More Idiot TopTenners are getting popular even though they don't deserve fame on here.

Here TheTopTens users are very arrogant because they think they are popular - LoboMaloso

There are some bad TopTenners, but most are good. - Minecraftcrazy530

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4 It's Getting Inappropriate

Says the person with the list "Top Ten songs To Twerk To". Also, of you think TheTopTens needs to be banned, why are you starring your protests on this very site? Also, why do you continue to use the site if you don't like it? - Turkeyasylum

TheTopTens should be banned - LoboMaloso


5 TopTenners Are Making Lists Criticizing Your Music Genre

The lists are about their opinion why the genre is bad. And before you judge them, actually look at them because some may have good reasons. Like rap having no rhythm. I enjoy rap, but I just like a lot of other genres. - MontyPython

Heavy Metal fans make list like Why pop music sucks. They don't even like it.

Please let ignorance in the trash can - LoboMaloso

Who cares what we like? - Animefan12

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6 Very Bad Comments

Hey, there will be some people like that, just ignore that, if it gets so bad, then leave the site, it's simple. - funnyuser

Absurd and derogatory comments - LoboMaloso

In YouTube, comments are the worst.
Here, they're WAY better - Animefan12

7 Too Many Boring Lists

I get bored looking for a good list here in TheTopTens - LoboMaloso

Plus I don't want it to end at 2015. Or ever. I'm going to make an account after Christmas. And if you don't like this site then just leave

I'm guilty of this lol.

8 There Are Many Lists That Do Not Make Sense

The people who make these lists have no brain - LoboMaloso

Um, what's the point of this list then? Why did you make an account when all you are doing is wishing this website to get cancelled? - Pony

9 Lists Like This One!!!

The person who made this list should get canceled in 2015. - MeaganSaysHI

Yeah I hate this guy - 2storm

Good one haha - Jonerman

10 Popular TopTennersDon't Vote On Your List Because They Believe They Are the Big Deal

I hate that kind of toptenners - LoboMaloso

PositronWildhawk actually looks at a lot of lists. Hell, he was my first follower! I don't see any users who do that. - MontyPython

On this list, popular TopTenners are voting. The list is stupid, but they are still voting and commenting. - Minecraftcrazy530

Many TopTenners also don't follow back because they're more popular than you. :(

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11 TopTenners Comment On Your List When They Do Not Know What the List Is About
12 Too Many SpongeBob lists

Filled to the brim with 90s kids and nostalgiatards. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 Too Many Visitors Acting Like Well-Known Users
14 Mainstream Haters

Uh today's music isn't pure carp. You're just too lazy to look for music you like, special snowflake.

They need to quit being haters.

*cough* *cough* METAL FANS *cough* *cough* - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It's not our fault 99% of the music today is pure crap. - MeaganSaysHI

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