Top Ten Reasons TheTopTens User TopTensFan Is Better Than Justin Bieber

I'm back and I think anyone called TopTensFan deserves a list like this
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1 TopTensFan respects all opinions

TopTensFan apologized. I have a hard time forgiving him for two reasons.

1). You still act extremely immature towards people that criticize you. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be eight. 2). As Puga said, "a bad list is a bad list." With the amount of bigotry that you showed in your Atheist and Homosexual lists, believe me my friend (well, not really my friend), it'll take a long ass time for me to forgive you. These lists shouldn't have been made in the first place, I'm sorry.

Thank you for making this list. And Puga be quiet I already apologized. If you have a problem with it don't go to my lists or any lists with my username in it.

You people need to calm down. And visitor you don't even have an account. Why should I care what you think. And y'all need to realize y'all not a king. Y'all are just people on a website. I don't owe y'all anything.

Especially the opinions of gays and atheists.

2 TopTensFan doesn't pee in mop buckets

I don't like many of his opinions, if not most. I don't hate him, either. But he is IN NO WAY WORSE than Justin Bieber.

3 TopTensFan doesn't get drunk and high

Well if you all have a problem don't go to a positive list to cry about it.

This is true. I have mixed feelings on TTF though.

Puga you act like you're drunk.

4 TopTensFan is a TopTenner

Yeah, sure, even Danteem is better than Justin Bieber!

And that makes him better?
(no offense)

So is Comparisans. Happy?

So are we all!

5 TopTensFan likes to make lists on TheTopTens

We all like to make lists. Does that make him better? No.

6 TopTensFan has a good username

He does have a very good username

There are a lot of other good usernames. And don't judge a user by its name.

7 TopTensFan hasn't gotten a DUI
8 TopTensFan is awesome

I know I'm not king of this website, but TopTensFan seems to ACT like he's king. He wants forgiveness but his attitude is really preventing me from forgiving him.

And anonymous you Aren't even a user. You don't know. If you people think defending yourself is rude then your stupid.

That's a matter of opinion.

Strange. Comparisons couldn't think of more than eight items. Hmmm….

9 TopTensFan is good-looking

Did he show a picture of himself? No.

We don't know what he looks like. - IceCreamKing

10 TopTensFan doesn't spit on his fans
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11 TopTensFan apologized
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