room 101: thetoptens new policy

gemcloben I said I was cancelling this series, but god dammit! This calls for a room 101 special. This site has hit a new low point. I can't even believe what is going on. For those of you who are new or living under a rock, I shall explain.

Admin set up this new policy, in a post called its time to stop trolling, bullying and picking fights. I personally dislike this new post, and many users agree. But, most users agree, that this is a site for opinions. If a mentally disturbed 11 year old can't handle that not everyone loves them and that everyone has different opinions, thetoptens should it be a place for you.

But wait! It now is! As they have cancelled the expression of any negative opinions! So now over sensitive kids will love this site! I honestly think that this site is becoming like a toddlers club... It is all flowers and rainbows and little leprechauns singing their little anthems! Ah, what a lovely place! No. This is just: no.

And now, we haven't even banned negative opinions about users! We also now have no hate week! Basically, no negativity about... Well anything. Now, in a site based on opinions, we can only have 2 opinions. Positive, or negative. And, in this case, admin just practically got rid of 50% of this entire site.

And also, I am going on strike. I will make no lists or posts until this is changed. I have seen other users are doing it, and I wanted to join. I hope many people will strike as well, and I hope thetoptens goes back to what it once was.

So, I have always stood by "light shines brighter with darkness". And we really want thetoptens to shine bright. Many people wish for peace, and for everyone to get along. But, the kindest people are also the ones who hate some people, so you know, that they don't just say stuff for the sake of it. So, I don't really see this post as a rant, more just saying, that I don't agree at all with this policy. And, as usual, write whether you agree or disagree in the comments. This may be my last room 101 post, or at least, for now. Thank you for reading.


Bravo! Bravo! - Therandom

This post Is spot-on. I'm also doing the strike (obviously), by the way. - Turkeyasylum

I never knew about this because I'm fairly new here, but if you go on strike, you might never right a post again because once this website does something, it won't go back - Cyclone97

Forcing positivity is giving negativity. - visitor

Oh, the irony... - Puga

Well said, sir. - PetSounds

How can you learn without constructive criticism? I'll go on a strike too and won't back down.

Until 2066, at the very most. - NuMetalManiak

If admin doesn't stop soon I'll leave this site once I'm done with top tens Mars and random challenges - Therandom

Wow, that was beautiful! - Pony

Well said, - IronSabbathPriest

I find no-hate week is unacceptable - Delgia2k

I'm glad that no-hate week is cancelled. - Minecraftcrazy530

Good job - bobbythebrony

I actually don't mind the new policies as much as I don't like that admin is overlooking the users who choose to spend their time making this site an awesome experience. I don't like that. And that's why I'm striking. - keycha1n

I agree! TheTopTens is a website to express our opinions. And no one can stop sayng out opinions, whenever they are negative or positive. The No-Hate Week is just not a decent idea to me and I am striking and spend less time on it. However, I may continue my lists and posts. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I'm striking! - McKing1003

The policies are a bad idea and no hate week sounds bad

-sanjayandcraigyes_reailtytvno - visitor

Wonderfully said. - visitor

SO MUCH YES! - RiverClanRocks

Puga's rant on MattyBRaps got removed, Overrated users list got removed and samanime's psycho blog got removed. That's all I have to say. - EpicJake

Puga's rant on MattyBRaps is still there - TwilightKitsune

... - CerealGuy

I am so striking! - coolguy101