Pretty Little Rants S02E05: The New Policy + BlueDiamondFromNowhere's boycotting the website

Hi and today it's a special episode about the new policy of admin. WARNING: I am not trying to be offensive. My post is not offensive.

I undestand that a lot of people have been against the new policy. And I agree with them. For many reasons.

I started to think that this website went downhill since a while. I disagree with the pages having only 20 items per page but it doesn't change a lot. However, what changed the website a lot is the No-Hate Week.

In case you didn't know, the No-Hate week is that from the 10th May to the 16th May, we can only say positive opinions and nothing negative. I disagree with that because now, I am afraid that admin wants to turn the website all positive. I understand that there is some jerks on the website that can't respect other people's opinions and I rant about it a lot but COME ON! Everyone has their opinions. No offense but it's like saying something negative with polite words counts as bullying. WT? It's not everyone that can't take critics and bad stuffs. I also have to deal with jerks who can't respect other people's opinions but it's not like the whole site was 100% negative.

What I will do is I will retire for a while doing other stuffs and if it gets WORSE, I may retire from the website forever. However, I will continue my remake of TheTopTens: Clue, doing Total Drama Awards, finishing my serie of Lord Of The Bad Lists because I planned to stop the serie and I may put Pretty Little Rant on hiatus before I retire. But I won't make new list or messaging to anyone for my boycott of the website.

This (might) be my last episode of the serie of maybe my last post.

You think I will retire and end my series? Well, you're (hopefully) wrong! YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED!!!! XD

Yours truly,