Top Ten Reasons Thomas and Friends is Better Than Gravity Falls

My opinion don't be mad. You will now be turned from Gravity Falls into the Thomas fandom.

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1 It is not repetitive

Okay...? I don't exactly think Gravity Falls is repetitive. I actually particularly enjoy watching Gravity Falls. It's great that you're being brave enough to share your opinion, but I love Gravity Falls and would rather watch DORA THE EXPLORER than Thomas and Friends (well... That isn't true). And when you say "I'm going to be turned from the Gravity Falls fandom to the Thomas fandom" you are absolutely 100% wrong.

What's wrong with liking both shows? - countnightdark13

This is the worst list ever!

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Why'd you click on the list if you weren't going to like it? - Ku


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2 There are barely any annoying kids
3 The people in Gravity Falls look really fat

His list is bad, the only character that's fat is grenda

Especially grenda - Brobusky

4 Gravity Falls is evil and Thomas is kind-hearted

Mabel is nicer and tougher than Thomas and his weird friends. She's also funnier, smarter, cooler, and has a better show and a bigger fandom.

5 Thomas and Friends tells a great story

And I wish gravity fals never existed.

6 They are all British
7 They make cool slang words like "Cinders and ashes!"

I say this all the time - Brobusky

Bust my buffers! - BrideiMacBella

8 The fandom is not stupid
9 It is children friendly

So is gravity falls

10 The plot is amazing

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11 Gravity Falls has an insane fandom

Hell yeah, it does. And so, Gravity Falls haters suck while Thomas fans rock.

Yes, the fandom is pretty insane but this list is so lame

12 There is a history and lore to the Thomas and friends cannon, which, when combined with its setting, honestly makes it feel like a real place in the world. It's almost like it does exist just off the coast of England and that they really do exist. Not to

Ugh! Too much words! - BorisRule

13 It's funny

The fat controller is best character name. - BrideiMacBella

14 Thomas & Friends has an incredible story arc
15 It has great messages
16 The characters are likable
17 Better Animation
18 Better theme song
19 It Isn't Annoying
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