Top Ten Reasons Thomas & Friends Is Better Than You Think

Our everyday 'Thomas & Friends' kids show is not as bad as we know it to be.

The Top Ten

1 The YouTube remakes of episodes are made by teens and adults

Thought Thomas WAS a baby show? Watch these to find out that it's not even stupid. The moving faces in them usually rely on MS Paint. - JayJayPlane

2 The Railway Series books

The begging of it is the best but I love it all

It's actually sixteen.

Gotta love additional characters Wilbert, Albert, Pip, Emma, 16, Spamcan and Bear. - JayJayPlane

Weren't just good stories for kids… They were good stories all around. Thank you, Awdry.

3 Ringo Starr narration

If you hate the Beatles you have no taste in music. - JayJayPlane

4 The show manages to rival ripoffs such as Chuggington

And it's still not leaving the hearts of kids of all ages! HiT:Take that, you bright-light, over-speed, strange and dumb show Chuggington! Sarah Ball:What do I do? WHAT DO I DO? - JayJayPlane

Chuggington is a stupid WANNABE version of Thomas. Thomas is the REAL railway engine show here!

I think chuggington is fake.

Chuggington is stupid

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5 Trainboys

Yep. Thomas has fanboys too! They're like taking over YouTube and Wikia. I honestly looked up 'help sound effect' when the kitchen door was stuck and found a Thomas video in my suggestions. But no, that's definitely not the last stop. They do remakes and new episodes using Sodor Island 3D, film reading Railway Series books, do fan characters like Dani, turn Thomases into ponies (because they are mainly half Brony) and many more. - JayJayPlane

6 His friends

I like the rest of his friends but I think Gordon should be scrapped and replaced with Connor and Caitlin because they go much faster then Gordon and Gordon is not very fast and and he's always conplaining and not friendly either and Connor and Caitlin Well be taking over the express from Gordon also and they can take it to the mainland and back like they go also

I think Gordon should stay! What makes him OUT Of Character wasn't his fault, it was the current writers and producers' to blame! There is a reason he is the No. 4, And I can understand why he would complain. Connor and Caitlin have ABSOLUTELY NO Rights to replace Gordon. Gordon maybe boastful but he is still good hearted, helps anyone out of trouble, and can still be a Really Useful Engine. Everyone is Equal. - WilsonAsmara

Except for one offs and Bertram, the Horrid Lorries, Splatter and Dodge, Colin, Burnett Stone, Max and Monty, Fred, Thumper, Ivo Hugh and Sixteen.

Thomas' friends are the best (even the humans). My favourite is Stanley due to our similarities. I also like Molly, Neville and Hank. Find 'em on the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia to check all the awesomeness day got *walks away like a rapper*. But if you haven't been to TTTE Wikia before and you worry about the behaviour of the users, I'll tell you about the quartet of characters I mentioned earlier: Stanley had to take Thomas' place because Thomas was lost but turned out to be more of a boy-next-door, Molly did her best to look good by putting lanterns and tarpaulin over her trucks, and Hank came in from America to help around when strength is needed. - JayJayPlane

7 People are making the most of it before its 2017 cancellation

Well, I suppose you could say that the show as we knew it was cancelled.

Wait... so Thomas will end in 2017?

Good job, you lot! - JayJayPlane

I hope not.

8 It's unavailable in lands where it's widely disrespected such as Australia
9 The wooden toy Thomas started out as

Oops I thought you guys were talking about the merchandise line.

I must say, nice carving! - JayJayPlane

I love the Woden railway toys even the knockofs

10 The Instrumentals and Cues

I want Donald and Douglas' theme on iTunes.

From seasons 1-6, yes.

And season seven to

The instrumentals are more than beautiful...there so many positive words to describe them

The Contenders

11 It deals with parodies
12 Characters return

It really makes the show more special and personal.

Yes, but when they first appear, they're good, and when they return, they're terrible.

13 Celebrity Narrators

The had Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, and John Hurt on the show.

Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Alec Baldwin!

Those had to be the best actors they ever had for the series before the cgi switchover

14 It teaches kids about railroading and trains
15 They were able to redeem the series with season 17

But Harvey became a plot device and Bill, Ben and Duck started acting like idiots!

16 The Toys Aren't Bad

It's a good start for kids that like playing with model trains. And it really helps their imagination grow when they make stories with their toys.

The toys are legendary

17 George Carlin narration
18 It teaches you friendship and being nice
19 Real engines appearing on the show!

I love it when this happens, like stepney, city of Truro and the flying Scotsman appear, and I want city of Truro and stepney to appear in the great race. :D

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