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1 She murdered animals

I can't see anything that makes people think that she murders animals. Her clothes? They were by somebody else then given to her. Besides, not wearing fur or skin is a waste of fur and skin. Why is it more acceptable to leave them rotting off a dead animal than to use it? Sometimes Vegans make no damn sense. - LemonComputer

She's a menace to society

That's wrong

She uses lots of fur :(

2 Her song Drunken Love

ALL of her songs are garbage. I can't believe people aren't embarrassed to listen to that crap in public. It's music for people with the brain of a 12 year-old girl.

What has she contributed to society?

I don't like that song it's so annoying in my opinion - RoseCandyMusic

It so true,compared to her old songs. I listened to her old songs,they were good but if you listened to lemonade it's pure garbage.

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3 She faked a pregnancy and now she has a child

True to the word! She definitely had a surrogate

She had a surrogate

LOL, no real baby in her belly!

4 She's annoying

You never see her interact with fans... She needs to take personality classes.

...and stupid. And shallow. And boring. And conceited. Oh, and did I mention INCREDIBLY stupid?

Shallow, overrated, annoying and pretentious. Put some clothes on and stop "singing" for the love of God.

Ya'll need to shut up you are probably just jealous of her

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5 She inappropriate for kids

Dressing like a prostitute and using her body for attention is disgusting and sends young girls and boys the wrong message. She displays sex not class, and has no talent.

So she is fake and inappropriate for kids and Nicki Minaj is better? You must be outta your minds, Nicki minaj has a fake ass, fake boobs, fake nose and she is just FAKE, not to mention her clothes. I mean come on she might as well wear NO CLOTHES AT ALL.

What's wrong with that? Not everything has to be kid-friendly. 13+ need some fun too. - Ohno

She so inappropriate for kids and she fake her pregnancy and her singing is fake. Can't sing at all. And is so ugly. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj look and sing/rap way better. Don't know why theyy teamed up to make flawless remix when abviosly Nicki is way better. Get a new carrer please

6 She married Jay-Z

Jay-Z is a moron with no talent who can't rap. He was also a crack dealer, which makes him a dirtbag who participated in genocide on his own people. And his stupid face looks like a potato.

Jay Z stabbed a guy (Rivera) with a five inch blade in a club in 1999, got out of jail cause $$$, suited up with a lawyer who got the charge down to a misdemeanor

She should have married Nas, but then I would've lost a lot of respect for him.

Dude, she married the person she loves. it's not your problem of who she married. it's her life, her choices. you can't disrespect her personal decisions - emma_04

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7 She destroyed what could have been a good song produced by Bangladesh

Bangladesh is my country and no one can make a fool out of it.

isn't it

How? please tell me.. I also hate her and I am a Bangladeshi too.

8 She doesn't write her own songs but she takes credit for it

Wow beyonce, you changed 3 words. You changed "my lady" to "my man." You changed "she's so fine" to "he's so cute." Woopty doo! That's not writing a song! Other artists don't ask for credit for something like that. But beyonce is a greedy bitch! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

9 She promotes "hate" and violence against our nation, police, and anyone who is not black

I dislike her song "Formation", I think that the Black Lives Matter movement is pretty much B.S., because the only times Black Lives matter is when blacks are shot by white people...not the other 90% of homicides caused by black-on-black crime

She's the real pig

Correction, she EMPOWERS the black community specifically black women and black girls. Not only does she empower the black community but also women. Just because someone empowers one group doesn't mean they're spreading hate or degrading other groups.

Whoever made this list is just looking for a reason to hate Beyonce

10 Her songs have no meaning

She is shallow and mentally lazy.

She's an idiot with our idiot president in her back pocket... Probably had sex with him

Guys you have to realize that ever pop artist songs have no meaning

There is probably a white person behind her success somewhere...ungrateful bitch

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? She ruined r&b

She made R&B better

? When she sings she always sounds like she has something stuck in her mouth

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11 She’s a bad role model for girls

These songs are not good for girl or any kid. Make some song that some kids can listen too. Or that's not inappropriate for kids.

Her music videos are inappropriate

She's a fake lame dirtbag like her husband and Nicki Minaj is

Again, nothing wrong with this. The girls should be the ones to know better - Ohno

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12 She allows herself to be possessed by demons

She's said it herself, when she performs this energy takes over and allows her to do things that she normally can't do. That is when she isn't using playback. Either she is lip-syncing or she is possessed! It's never just her talent! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

13 She uses black people to get more attention and sell more albums

She doesn't care about black people, she only cares about their money! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

14 Blue Ivy is a doll

I feel bad for her kids to have such a stank mom.


15 All her curves are fake
16 She was fine in 2005 until now

She has fat legs and acts like a prostitute.

She is better as a solo artist than with Destinys Child.

Jayz is behind that

She's getting older and will be her Mothers clone! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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17 She doesn't sing live

She uses playback most of the time. - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

18 She's Illuminati

I'm tired of her illuminati symbolism in her videos, hate her!

She flashes illuminati hand signals and promotes sexual promiscuity.



19 She's overrated

Very overrated has not contributed

Anyone else remember Super Bowl 50? Well, she unfortunately changed from a good girl to someone else with a big ego. What's Formation?

Almost everybody treats beyonce like a goddess that she isn't, she can sing and dance so what that makes her a goddess.Without her huge creative crew she would be a goner like the other rest of the destiny's child

She is the most overate d female singer of all time

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20 She lip-syncs
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1. She doesn't write her own songs but she takes credit for it
2. She allows herself to be possessed by demons
3. She uses black people to get more attention and sell more albums
1. She murdered animals
2. She inappropriate for kids
3. Her song Drunken Love
1. She murdered animals
2. She married Jay-Z
3. Her song Drunken Love

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