Top Ten Reasons to Hate Beyonce

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21 She's a satanist

Stop picking on Satanists and think their evil and Beyonce is not a Satanist! Because satanist are better then that

No mainstream music artist is satanic. The only satanic musicians you'll be finding are Gorgoroth and Mayhem.


22 She lied about her age

If she's not 35, then how old is she then?

She's not in her 30's
Her father claims she is much older than she tells
Documents surface showing she was born in 1974 and not 1981

23 She's a hypocrite

Shes one of the feminists who slam rappers for having eye candy in music videos, but shakes her ass with girls on stripper poles on stage.

24 She killed Pendulum
25 She ruined her reputation

She is so bossy,I hate her!
She's always leading in songs or movies!
Beyonce is disgusting!

26 She is a bad parent

I wouldn't want her as a mother.

Noo...She can give everything to Blue

27 She's a mother and she's wearing clothes like that in front of her kid!

Dressing like a prostitute shouldn't be grounds for fame. And becoming a mother has changed her for the worst. Normally parenthood makes people better. Thanks for proving us wrong beyonce!

So true but I still love her

28 She is a whore


She leads one to believe she looks up to whores.

Why is she always in her underwear? She is dressed for the bedroom. Have some class.
I don't see Bruno Mars dancing in his underwear! Put some clothes on whore!
And the music sucks bad! I really don't get all the hype.

Um she's married to same man she has been with for years. I bet your ugly asses can't say the same. She is not a whore.

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29 She thinks she is too good for her own fans

Never been a fan paid way too much... I wish they would fly to Cuba and disappear..,. Obama too

I wish she would go to Nigeria a meet up with Boca hamen and see how much black people mean to them she would change her mind about white people

30 She does not sing well and exploits her own body for a buck.

She only sang at Superbowl because white girl Katie Perry got a better rating than her last year

31 She's a racist
32 She's egotistical

I'm sure she's Nice to her fans, but she is pretty "In love" with herself, not saying that you shouldn't be confident, but you just don't have to think that everything spins around you

33 She disrespects police officers

She doesn't disrespect police officers. Shes just standing with the rest of the black community. White police officers are basically killing blacks for no reason, and shes standing against it. - danismith

34 She works with Nicki Minaj
35 She's ugly

She looks like homeless peppa pig

36 She's sexist

And what's wrong with that? - emma_04

37 She is insane
38 She has a drug addiction

She does not have a drug addiction that is completly false

poor kids

39 She's super jealous and fake.

Her biggest threat was Aaliyah. Aaliyah would have been a much bigger star than her today if she lived.

40 She doesn't give gifts to her fans

I've listened to beyonce for years now and she has never given me a gift likw how shallow can someone be

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1. She murdered animals
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