Top Ten Reasons the World Today Sucks


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21 Terrorism

One largest Terrorist group that already can;t be destroyed by those countries who are Considered superpowers I mean come on states from EU and countries like Japan, UK,US, China, India,France,Germany,etc can't get enough troops to land on Syria and Iraq and together Wipe out ISIS...

And actually by 2020 is it predictd that Actually ISIS will take some territories from Africa and Europe and mostly by 22nd Century Almost half of the world and no one will get ability to stop them Because we are so Brainless Humans!

22 Prejudice
23 Empathy
24 Crappy Medical Coverage
25 Animal Abuse
26 Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
27 Bad Sex V 2 Comments
28 Cancer
29 People Are Obsessed With Vlog Videos/Reality T.V

This is like 98% of the media today, it really makes me mad that actual entertainment seems to be fading away and being replaced with this, and that fact that so many people watch these things is just sad

30 Drugs

The thing that ruins many people's lives, and whole communities

31 Clinical Depression
32 Stressful Environment
33 Celebrities
34 Lack of Motivation to Complete Things

Everybody, nowadays, just sits around and hops on their computer, phone, or tablet. Seriously, nothing gets done.

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