Top Ten Reasons Total Drama Action Is Better Than Total Drama All Stars

The Top Ten Reasons Total Drama Action Is Better Than Total Drama All Stars

1 Total Drama Action had 26 episodes, Total Drama All Stars had 13

It ended so quickly.

2 There were less character derailments

And Gwen wasn't so bland and boring

The characters were themselves. Here r things that happened to some of our favorite characters in TDAS.
Duncan- lame totally lost his bad boy thing
Lindsay- she got kicked out first
Mike- Mal was the only personality working

3 The finale in Total Drama Action was better

Even though Beth should have won here in America, it was better than the finale to TDAS. Killing half the cast? Really? - Turkeyasylum

4 Total Drama Action is funnier
5 Total Drama Action has a movie theme challenge series

The challenges in All Stars weren't well rounded they were random. It's all stars! The challenges need to have more of a theme. Movie challenges have a total theme. If the movie is fairytales then the challenge has to do with that.

6 Total Drama Action developed the plots more
7 Returning contestants

Returning people is one of my favorite twists. - Turkeyasylum

8 Better couples in Total Drama Action

Sorry, but Scott and Courtney makes no sense. That, and Zoke is still an uneventful thing to watch. - Turkeyasylum

9 Chris wasn't a jerk in Total Drama Action
10 Total Drama Action lived up to its name, Total Drama All Stars didn't

Total Drama All Stars could live up to the name "Total Awfulness All Stars" instead. - Turkeyasylum

Total Drama All Stars? More like "Total Trauma Fail Stars" - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Why was SAM in TDAS anyway?

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11 The good characters got eliminated early in Total Drama All Stars

So while they decide to keep Scott, Mal, Zoey, and Courtney, they get rid of Lindsey, Jo, and Lightning? Really?!

12 Mal exists in All-Stars

Mal was the worst villain in Total Drama history. Max was a better villain and was actually funny!

13 Total Drama Action had the Aftermath episodes
14 Duncan was still a bad boy and won in the finale with the runner up Beth

Duncan was the best player in total drama history, and by winning total drama action in the real ending with runner up Beth, and total drama all star ruined everything about him up.

15 Lindsay made it further
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