Top 10 Reasons Total Drama All Stars Shouldn't Be Hated


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1 It gets all its hate for a finale

Sundae Muddy Sundae gets more hate from the fanbase, actually. I just happen to hate the finale more. - Turkeyasylum

What about sundae muddy sundae? Didn't that atrocity get the most hate? - DapperPickle

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2 Chris McLean was as awesome as ever

AKA the most sadistic person to have walked the face of Earth. - Turkeyasylum

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3 Mal was an original villain

Mal was actually a really good villain. Yeah, they tried too hard to make him villainous, but he still was good at sabotaging. Plus, he got Alejandro, the most manipulative player in TD history, eliminated. Yeah, he's no Heather, but he's still a better antagonist than Justin or Courtney. - Puga

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4 It was great to see old and new contestants interact

This was one of the few pluses of TDAS. I like some of the interactions between Scott and Courtney, as well as Heather and Jo. Unfortunately, SMS had to ruin the former of the two... - Turkeyasylum

5 Some characters returned as awesome as ever

I actually like nice Duncan. Plus, there's no denying Scott's character improved by like, 150%. He was the one thing that kept me watching. - Puga

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6 Some of the jokes were funny
7 The concept was original

I'll at least give TDAS this. An All Star season had to come eventually... - Turkeyasylum

8 The Boney Island feature was original

I liked the Boney Island feature, but it seemed bland at times. - Turkeyasylum

9 It didn't have too much Jo

Jo is elite and should've won the season as antagonist. - Puga

10 Heather wasn't a screen hog

That's because Mike and Zoey took over 75% of the screen time. - DapperPickle

But Mike and Zoey were screen hogs... - Turkeyasylum

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11 It's stupid to hate things
12 It's a crossover of the new season to the original
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