Top 10 Reasons Twenty One Pilots Sucks

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1 They try too hard to be mainstream, cool, and hip

Excellent list.

Ok sure what ever u think - RylinB

I did agree. Most of their songs are about things that I don't hear anymore. Except for all the copys

They basically just scream into the microphone.

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2 Their music is preachy

What do you mean they push god on everyone? Almost none of their songs preach about god

No it not billy - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

Their music is amazing and if u don't like it then idc - RylinB

In one of their songs they literally say the god is dead. I didn't get any christian vibes in any of their songs and didn't even know they were until you said.

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3 They switch from singing and rapping poorly

I'm personally not a fan of TOP, but that's just my opinion, you can enjoy them all you want. For me, they just come across as a bad copy of Linkin Park.

Lets See You Do Better - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

Bitch, fshhcbsjbf,

4 They try too hard to appeal to high school teenagers

But? whats wrong with that? teenagers are allowed to like music. In my opinion, 21 pilots is amazing because they prepare teenagers for adulthood by making them think. Think about life and finding purpose. That's important to people and, so what if they're teenagers? I say let it be


5 They try to be meaningful, but they fail

I sadly I had to vote for this in order to comment. this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. their lyrics are by far the most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard. I mean, all I hear nowadays is people talking about their boyfriend dumping them on the radio, it's so refreshing to hear twenty one pilots lyrics that actually have meaning.

I do not agree because Twenty One Pilots is amazing and all of their songs have a meaning, even if it is hidden deep in the lyrics.

They often try to have meaningful lyrics, but their execution is so bad, it's like a modern pop band trying to write a song which is not about love or partying.

Boring farely local is a meaningless pop track

6 They try too hard to be emo

Umm no, emo would be something with deeper vocals and strong bass lines. Tøp may have the emo based lyrics but not the overall feel

7 They are just another generic Alternative Rock band

They're not even a rock band, they're a mediocre rap band.

What's special about this band? absolutely nothing I wouldn't even call them rock, there's nothing rock about them - christangrant

8 Their rapping is incredibly bad

He Can Rap Better Than a lot Of Other "Rappers" - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

They slur the words

Tyler is a really good rapper in my opinion because he has good lyrics and can rap fast.

Go look at other songs that aren’t just stressed out and you’ll see some of their raps are actually really hard

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9 They try too hard to be experimental
10 Tyler Joseph's voice is annoying

Tyler has a beautiful voice and he is great at what he does - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

One of the most monotone singers I know

His voice is weird. Lack of talent. - Userguy44

I don't know what it is I don't like about his voice, it sounds like to me a 14-year-old boy who can't sing, but is trying to sing.

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11 The sound of their "music" is way too compressed.

I've always hated these guys, but I finally realized why; all their instruments and "singing/rapping" are beyond meshed together, you will never hear just one noise, you will always hear a bare minimum of 2 noises layered over each other.

TWENTY ONE PILOTS IS THE BEST - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

12 They can't sing all.

I'm Very Posotive That They Were Nominated BEST LIVE BAND In 2015 - Just_Your_Average_2_Year_Old

Search up migraine in the live room it's godawful

At concerts, they either scream the lyrics or poorly try to sing them. It's really bad.

13 They can’t write songs, the lyrics don’t even make sense
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